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  1. Yeah, I've seen a lot of this sort of thing in my news feed. One of my friends keeps posting things from BNP, EDL etc. Getting to the point of getting rid of him!
  2. In terms of AI, we are a LONG way off. There are various companies studying the human brain, mapping it etc. We are 250 years off (projected) mapping a whole brain. Even after we map the whole thing, we will still be too far off creating a comparable thing. The human body is fully mapped (the rest of it) but we are not much closer to creating a replica. Computing power is not really linked to better AI either, that is not what is holding back AI technology. The guy that does studies in film (he did a great essay regarding the shining) has a series on YouTube regarding AI. I forget the name of his channel now (http://www.youtube.com/user/robag88). It is great stuff. Speaking non AI wise, the threat would be jobs I think.
  3. Obligitory: yaw dawg, I heard you like lights. So we put some lights on yaw lights, so you can shine while you shine. Looks good :-)
  4. Decided on yankees, I like the look of the menu better :-) (plus the mud crab website is horrible and obnoxious)
  5. Hah, what sillyness. Don't add anyone on social media you do not know. And use it only as a comms tool.
  6. More ammo for the government and tobacco companies. They have been trying their best rubbishing e-cigs on the beeb recently. Even going below the belt and claiming that kids are using them. "oh think of the children". I see through all of that though. They are loosing money, and it will hit them even harder the more e-cigs take on. And with no "legislation" (tax) the government are not taking their cut either.
  7. This terrorist needs hanging. He will get away with it though, having white skin and all.
  8. Was serco behind this mess, by any chance?
  9. Clarkson attention whoreing again? please say it isn't so!! Pay no attention to this moron. Why people still tune in to see him acting like a child with expensive toys, I really do not know. Oh yeah that's the reason: people in the UK like garbage telly.
  10. The real reason people attended was because of food :-)
  11. Many still use cheques are still used mostly in business. As with fax machines for some reason. (really a virtual fax machine would be better that links into email. Although with encryption, email is better anyway). Letters of course another thing used in business. But most people don't seem to open their mail these days unless it is a package from Amazon. As for "box TVs" or CRTs to normal people, they still have their place in the world for such as retro gamers etc. There are some things that LCD screens are rather bad at doing (and a bunch of useless post processing options that really have no place being there as they are useless ad just cause problems). I'm still a bit set in my ways with things, I'll still call DVDs and Blu rays "videos" from time to time, and portable music players "walkmans". It's a shame really that kids growing up today wont know what a floppy disc is, a cassette tape, or video tape. But then again, they wont have all of those hassles we had with those formats.
  12. Most of those will be ex-council properties and should be given back.....
  13. UKIP voters. Are morons. UKIP are only using the immigration and EU issues as a front. Their real game is worse than Tory rule.
  14. Every time something happens enough for you to use your fingers, note down the bus number and time. There is a complaints form on the websites of the companies. Use them. If enough complaints happen, drivers can be dealt with. (as long as they are not hiding behind unite)
  15. I think stop and search is in order for anyone wearing a hoodie.
  16. Breaks on, pull in. Slowly get out of the car, keeping eye contact with them. Head over to the boot whistling. Open it slowly, keeping eye contact (if they have not run by that point).
  17. I think it is unique to have a yanky fellow down the moor. Adds a bit of something interesting to the Shopping day. Not annoying at all really. Some people are just miserable sods :-P ---------- Post added 06-05-2014 at 23:26 ---------- Sorry to see you gone, dude. You added awesomeness to the shopping day :-)
  18. Thanks for the help :-) I made a poll though to tally between places if you would like to vote: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=10474942#post10474942
  19. Mud crab, or yankees. I'm talking, good food, size, venue.
  20. Would you folks recommend Mud Crab for a birthday meal? the burger with pulled pork sounds rather delightful...
  21. First one went off right above my house. Flash and BOOM a second later. Thought a bomb had gone off
  22. That is fine and all, but I would like to hear the best way from someone who might have gone that way. Thanks though.
  23. What I'm asking really is, who does the best American burgers? I quite liked Uncle Sam’s, is there any better ones?
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