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  1. Does gum tree have a lot of Sheffield users? (looking to sell a bunch of lego bionicle stuff, and is way too heavy to post. Or rather it is too heavy for a person to pay for all that delivery cost!) I have not been successful with classifieds on here so far, anything I've tried to sell or buy have all been time wasters, I really don't know how people sell stuff on here.... or buy stuff either...
  2. If you read into the rubbish spouted by the record industry and the movie industry, even physical media is "borrowed". "oh but when you buy a disc, you are only paying for the right to view/play that disc" So why I can't have a free upgrade when a new format of disc out out hmmmmm. Heh. (films on all sorts of formats tend to pile up don't they!)
  3. Offer me up a programmer that can communicate well with end users, write helpful error messages, and one that doesn't need a middle man to come up with decent inscrutables for their software. Oh yeah, there aren't any.
  4. "don't make me angry, you wouldn't like it when I'm angry" "I don't like you now!" I think I'll give them my vote, I have no interest in the rest of them.
  5. A sound system for the bathroom? wow man, you must eat a lot of bad shrimp haha. Why not just use your phone with a speaker doc, or is that too easy? :-P (My speaker system is a Logitech z906, nice sound, and powerful enough to rattle the whole house including next doors. Good to drown out their annoying screaming hell children, and the gob on legs that is the mother!)
  6. Was he singing something about mash potatoes?
  7. Simple answer: you can't. Get an intel NUC, or a pi or that cube thing. They are very cheap.
  8. If it doesn't exist, Bardwell will create one for you. Failing that, get a couple of extension cables, grab your soldering pen, and make your own :-)
  9. Daily mail. You're telling me you believe any of their sensationalist garbage? There are less moronic news sources out there, try using the internet more effectively.
  10. Wow, people are a bit sensitive aren't they. Surely they have other things to worry about.
  11. Quite enjoyed it at mud crab, a little greasy though. The onion rings where a bit bigger than the usual! Thanks to all for the input.
  12. Ours knocks loudly, then goes away without waiting more than a second. If you are not waiting for him behind the door as he knocks, he's off.
  13. Thought you meant the bus company then. Phew.
  14. We are speaking humans, not cows :-) there is a project mapping the human brain etc, they can tell you what you are needing to know.
  15. If it would take that many networked computers to mimic a brain, then umm... yeah. We are 250 years off mapping the whole brain, at the current estimate. Estimate is looking like it will be more than less than that figure on the next guess.
  16. If these people don't like the change from 7 to 8, they are going like linux even less. Say good bye to a couple of mouse clicks, say hello to typing 100 lines of sudo commands.
  17. It would only take a trip to the website or 10 seconds on google to find out that. Give the guy credit, he isn't stupid.
  18. Gone with mud crab after all, yankees no longer take bookings so they will not be getting my business.
  19. I see what you are getting at, but the internet is no where near that complex.
  20. I barley use the start menu on machines win 7 and below on, So I never missed it. Hopefully they will give you a choice of having this on or off, I would prefer 8.1 to stay as it is.
  21. Get an intel NUC or a pi and install openelec :-)
  22. I had an issue with my windows 7 laptop with ports on the right side. All related to usb hard drives. Removing it (even after safely) would sometimes some how short out the usb ports on that side until a reboot. Was crazy oddness.
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