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  1. You can also replace Philips with the biggest perpetrator of patent exploitation, Apple.


    They're even trying to patent having a brick & mortar shop with tables.


    Apple are a bigger disgrace than Philips are they go after small companies who own patents that they (Apple) want and threaten them with BS litigation, which the small company can't afford so caves and sells the patents dirty cheap.


    Apple have already ADMITTED openly on camera that they steal other people's ideas. Then they go out and SUE anyone who has a vague similar product/idea.


    You are correct, but you seem to have given a typical politician answer of blaming someone else for doing the same thing ;-)


    Back in the days of old cameras, Kodak (I think it was them, not in a position to look it up) held a monopoly on patents and kept suing all the other camera companies. Eventually a judge ruled that they give them up, and leave them open for everyone to use as they were holding back progress.


    Unfortunately, this cannot happen these days, as the corporations have too much of a hold over the legal system, and the politicians.

  2. Hows about putting the thing in a case? lots of them around. Your phone isn't a fashion accessory.


    The younger ones don't seem to have any problems dropping theirs; as the phones are permanently attached to their hands.


    The next invention will be the hand phone. A Screen so thin, that you can glue it to your hand. Gone are the days of pocket dialing. Accidental dials will be for other reasons :-P

  3. It is sort of like money behavior, but a little less as it is a shovel; I think the act of flinging it at the owners home, or shove it through the letterbox (using the shovel or smaller tool) would give them the impression that you are displeased with the events that have taken place.


    Personally, I would wait in until I saw the dog run on my garden, "roadhouse" the dog, wait for the owner to show, and then "roadhouse" them.

  4. Every link I found on Google, and the official XBMC wiki, says you can't.


    "The required reverse engineering (to get access to the video acceleration hardware, among other things) has not happened on any of these game consoles. Further more, no one on Team XBMC feels that it is worth the effort to port XBMC to any of them, as it would be a huge undertaking. "


    You getting confused with the original XBox?


    As I said, you can't. Xbox original only. But there are better (and even cheaper) solutions.

  5. Its interesting to see the Greens saying they'll ban fracking, regardless of whether its safe or not, or if there's any evidence showing it in can be done without pollution.


    Its quite amusing that the Green party leader has been doing photo ops at an anti-frack site in Cheshire, despite the fact that its not a planned or even experimental fracking site!


    I heard a lot of things about water contamination in the states, but that could have been propaganda. They love making money from stolen oil.

  6. The worst one was for a graphics card, arranged it with the guy, had to get a lift from a friend up to Shire green (should have known really for that part of town) and the guy was not in, no car in the drive, no note, no message on the forum. He ignored my messages too after.


    The cheek of it. So gumtree it is then! ta for that, chap!


    (also, max respect for Totoro, one of my fave animated movies)

  7. What with all the gubbins in the EU with them including a web browser and media player (shock horror!) I'm surprised they have forced that upon users.


    For me, I didn't mind so much as I already had a live account but for others, rather annoying indeed.


    Same with android really, but I already had an account ;-)

  8. I used an interesting tool with office 2010, that activated the copy. And a copy it was.... lol.


    I don't quite like the sound of this new version with this cloud shenanigans, and having to pay every year for the same bit of software. In the "old days" you could continue to use the software you paid for as long as it ran in the OS. Microsoft have gotten VERY greedy now with all of this. (and I'm not having anything to do with it!).


    Quite bad for a business stand point as well, we are going to have to get all new licenses for our systems, and pay out the nose for it every year instead. GREED. But this is the American way, in which we embrace in the UK.

  9. Why would you need a new license at all? just use the license you paid for. Licensing is done per computer, not per install of windows. Having to contact them over hardware changes though is a right pain. But if you have not changed anything it should be fine.


    Microsoft's website will have details.





    Psssssst.... there is always open office and libra, and kingsoft office. All decent alternatives :-)

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