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  1. What a start to the New Year! Looks like the turbo's gone on my Zafira (1.9 TD). Anyone any idea how much this will cost to repair or know of anyone reliable and trustworthy to fit it? Awaiting call back from vauxhall, but not impressed with their previous performance or their prices. Thanks
  2. Has anyone any advice on the cost of having a smart car wrapped or any recommendations on where to have it done? Just doing a bit of research before I purchase the car as I have no idea how much the wrap will set me back. Thanks
  3. Thanks Rainrescue, just given them a call...£18 each, fantastic. Thanks again. If anyone has any recommendations for good boarding kennels at a reasonable price can you please let me know.
  4. I have 4 dogs all ready for vaccinations. Does anyone know which is the cheapest vets practice to get these done? Abbey vets have quoted £23.99, but even at this price it's going to cost me just under £100 for all four!!! By the way it's not the boosters they need but the full vaccinations...thanks.
  5. Thanks for that. I'll bear that in mind. ....One other thing I forgot to mention is I would need extra staff (or existing staff to work extra hours) through school holidays. Do you think I would have a problem recruiting staff to cover school hols?
  6. Just a bit of feedback/advice wanted really...... I'm about to embark on setting up in business and looking at premises. The biggest concern I have is becoming an employer! As a mum of 2 small children I know it would be an impossibility to run the business single handed. Therefore it's essential I take on a couple of staff. I would ideally like to employ someone initially Tues-Fri 3pm till 5.30pm and all day Saturday (with a possibility of Sunday also). My question is, do you think these hours will attract many candidates??? Any help/advice would be much appreciated on this subject as this is THE biggest concern I have. I'm confident with other aspects of the business, but really need some reassurance that I will find people willing to do these hours before I go any further with my new venture. Many thanks.
  7. Come along and get into the festive mood with all the family. There will be fun and games for the kids, mulled wine and mince pies, as well as the opportunity to get some last minute stocking fillers. There will even be a chance for the kids to have an early visit from Santa! The Unique Boutique will be attending and will be taking fingerprint impressions in pure silver! http://www.theuniqueboutique.co.uk The Fayre will be held between 11am-2pm and is at Kidz@Work Nursery, 1 Europa View, S9 1XH (next to Sheffield Airport - Sheffield Business Park)
  8. I'll be at the above event (Minis for Minis) taking fingerprint impressions, pop along and pick up some really lovely and unusual Christmas gifts! Please see my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheffi...e/141494174751
  9. I'll be at the above event (Minis for Minis) taking fingerprint impressions, pop along and pick up some really lovely and unusual Christmas gifts! Please see my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheffield-United-Kingdom/The-Unique-Boutique/141494174751
  10. Really looking forward to taking lots of fingerprint impressions tomorrow! Come and visit me for the most personal, handmade treasured gifts for your loved ones this Christmas! I'll be stood a few doors down from Fancie!! Mmmmmm!!!
  11. The Unique Boutique will be there taking fingerprint impressions on the day. Bring along your children and loved ones and have their fingerprint captured in pure silver! Please visit my facebook page for more info and pictures http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheffield-United-Kingdom/The-Unique-Boutique/141494174751 If you like what you see could you be so kind as to click on the 'like' buton at the top of the page... Thanks
  12. Hi there I would be interested in a stall if there are any left. I handmake silver fingerprint jewellery - please see my link below thanks. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheffield-United-Kingdom/The-Unique-Boutique/141494174751
  13. Thanks everyone for taking a look at my facebook page! Much appreciated x x
  14. Hi there I have voted for both of your gorgeous babies!!! Thought I'd be cheeky whilst we're talking facebook pages......I run my own business making silver fingerprint jewellery. I'm trying to generate interest in my facebook page as I'm a small business (just me!!!) and would appreciate anyone and everyone visiting my page and clicking on the 'like' button! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sheffield-United-Kingdom/The-Unique-Boutique/141494174751 Thanks ever so - good luck with the competition!
  15. Hi everyone I've had several PM's regarding my facebook page as unfortunately there are a few Unique Boutique's listed on there and I'm being asked which one is my page! My facebook page is called 'The Unique Boutique' and is listed as 'local business' and is based in Sheffield. Scroll down the list and look for a small picture of a fingerprint charm and an initial 'A' charm. Hope you can find me and if you like what you see please click on the 'Like' :thumbsup:button!!! Thanks!
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