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  1. I believe an income and expenditure form was already submitted to the Court prior to the magistrates decision. The form clearly showed that my friend has about £100 a month to play with after all vital expenditure (ie no money allocated to socialising, fags, booze etc). So how can they be expected to pay £385 in one swoop?
  2. So, er.. a friend of mine received a nasty fine from a magistrates court- £385 for a parking offence. They want it in one installment. You hear of people, usually scummy drug dealing benefits scroungers- which my friend isnt- being allowed to pay it back at ludicrous rates like £1 week for 350 weeks. Any tips on how to try to get them to agree with this?
  3. It aint fine dining, more mass feeding for weddings etc
  4. My friend lived on Blackbrook Road and explored the place after it shut down. He remembers old blood stains all over the old lab tables and floors. I know somebody who lives on the Pines estate (the site of the old facility) who is quite 'spiritual'. When she moved in she said she immediately noticed a strange feeling about the place. Then, at night she would sometimes hear screams wimperings and moans that sounded like 'tortured animals'. This was before I told her what used to stand on the site of her house! She held some kind of exorcism and still lives there... spooky
  5. Ha ha! Dont believe you. I bet a Staffy was involved. Labradors dont attack humans and my gran could fight off a jack russell!
  6. How is the estate agent to know about noisy neighbours if they werent informed by the seller?? As part of the conveyance the seller would normally complete a questionaire that touches on disputes with neighbours etc. Where is Jeffrey Shaw?!
  7. These NIMBYs will complain even more when they find out the site will have HS2 cutting through eventually. Bio spores?? Spontanious combustion?? ha ha! Talk about clutching at straws
  8. The Rising Sun is only saved by its beers. The place desperately needs a refurb IMO. The side room is as depressing as it gets!
  9. Pleasure sir! Glad you approved. I like a steak but am no connoisseur like yourself so you have confirmed to me that its good!
  10. Grim grim grim. I wouldnt eat there if you paid me after my one and only experience.
  11. Yea well done for stepping in. You did the right thing. Whether or not it was the sensible thing I dunno. It's good you're ok though. All to often you see the female in these altercations suddenly side with the bloke she's fighting with and turn on the good samaritan then its two against one. Dunno why they do it
  12. I noticed the Occupy Leeds protestors were evicted / left this morning. The council were clearing up after them (they might not have had chance to clear up themselves)
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