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  1. Hi there lotteblade, Can you tell me if you went through with this? My mum has signed up, and i'm worried it's a scam.....
  2. Hi All, I put this on another thread and have not had any replies. I wondered if there was anyone on a general discussion who could help....? I have an art deco lamp that is a bronze lady on a marple base holding up a glass flame/lamp. The arm has broken and i want to get it restored as a present to my brother. I have tried all the links on Google and either continually found no-one in or no-one can help. Anyone out there know of somewhere? Thanks Vic
  3. Hi, I'm getting married at Botanical Gardens and would like to hire a carpet for my walk to the glass house. Anyone know of who/where/what locally?
  4. You can buy her a piece of the moon. Get a star named after her. Get a rose named after her. Design a T shirt for her (See Google). Put together a tape of your favourite songs (Very 80's/90's school kid thing to do; but romantic) Any of those any good? I'm sure i could come up with some more!!!
  5. Does anyone know of a taxi company which have an upmarket car that I can hire for transport for my wedding? We have hired a vintage bus, but can't fit everyone on it!
  6. We are hiring a vintage bus for our wedding, but now there are going to be more people than we thought. We need transport for another 8-10 people and we can't afford to hire expensive cars. We don't want a minibus, we would like a couple of nice cars. Does anyone know of any taxi companies who have nice cars who will also stick a ribbon on the front? +
  7. There's The George IV on Langsett Rd. Not quite Hillsborough, but not far away. The room upstairs is great. It would hold 70 people, has it's own bar, and they let you take your own food. They also have ovens to keep things warm.
  8. I'm looking to hire a hog roast for my wedding. I've got a quote from "Hog Roast Latino" I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this particular company? Or has anyone had one from another company who they were impressed with? (The 'Whole Hog n Sauce' can't do the date we need)
  9. They hold the ceremony in the central glasshouse. Geckoqueen; How many people can you get in there? I know i can ask Alison, but i've just got back home to find we have a date pencilled in and i can't get any answers until tomorrow, and it's KILLING me!!! Thanks
  10. Hi All, Anyone got/been to wedding in Botanical gardens recently? What was it like? What times can the ceremony be at? Did you have a reception in gardens after? Can you take your own champagne?etc Thanks
  11. I've been told there is a very good joiner who could make me some fencing for my garden. He is located just opposite The Anvil Inn in Stannington. Does anyone know who he is or what his business is called. Also, please don't offer your services. I know there are loads of you fabulous joiners out there. I just want to know about this one please. Thanks Vic
  12. Hi Jeff, Do you fancy coming round to give us a advice/quote on the work in the attic? Just to reiterate: Floor (might be reclaimed, might not). Maybe some plaster work. Storage putting into the eves(for records/books etc). I have got Thursday evening free. Call me on 07971624181 Thanks Vic
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