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  1. My mother had a shop on the corner of the block used to be a fish & chip shop she ran a 2 hand shop from there for many years
  2. Stuart Burnham brother Keith his ex wife Sue had 1 sun forget his naim for a long time at DJ fiveways motel and he also did mobile discos and also had a drug problem Died 2 years ago in Portsmouth
  3. I was the manager of the car park for some time
  4. If you have contact with Lance tell him old friend wants to be remembered to him Ron king
  5. Those days are gone sorry to say how the world has changed
  6. Sorry i do remember you but time make the brain less active Aubrey was he a very good good bowler and he took my place when gordon left ?????
  7. When I started there as I was 20 now 72 many years have passed but they were the good old days. Gordon was the asst manager and it was his wife that used to strut up and down like the lady of the manor Gordon only stayed less than a year he moved to take over a pub.I then took his place.I remember Margret with fond memory's she was like a rock keeping things running and Ray clethro working in the pits.I used to hang out with him great times and reat people
  8. my mother had a secondhand shop a few doors away all the buffers used to buy from her
  9. Well you must have his brains as he was always looking for the next deal and and always has a smile
  10. I think u must have known him very well Is he dead yet???
  11. Stu died only a few months ago in Portsmouth I went to see hi a few months before he pastaway
  12. I used to live in Bennet st and went the the church school on Alderson rd ccc was at the bottom before ccc it was a foundrey
  13. No he was alive up to a few weeks ago and yes his ex is sue
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