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  1. i lived on maltravers place number 7,i was born there,i knew the wildings,caseys,reids,roberts,bolsovers,bob and nellie shepherd had the shop,they had pat and robert jr. Can anyone remember mrs myers shop?opposite side to shepherds,my maiden name was proctor,
  2. my heart goes out to you all,i lost 2 cats within 1 month of each other last year,ive used pcs at doncaster and the 1 on rivelin road,but were excellent dealing with my pets,they are at home with me now,please do what you feel is best ,forget what people say,they are family,xxx
  3. merry christmas andy,have a good one and a very happy new year,pauline xx
  4. here we go again,my daughters cat,got run over and died on the 16th nov,he was 5 years old and it looks like my dog has a tumour,shes back at vets tomm for an operation,im scared to think it will be good news,is this normal?
  5. last tuesday 6 th nov,i had to have my little girl pts,shed just had her 19th birthday,i month after losing my mummys boy,we get older and forget our pets get older too,i feel lost,i know their together again and free from pain,i keep telling myself that,it keeps me sane.
  6. its been almost a month since i lost him,ive stopped putting his dish down now,i miss him like mad ,my dog and other cat and me seem to be spot welded:),its getting easier,many thanks to he people who replied to me,they know he was more than a cat,many thanks,paulinexx
  7. last tuesday i had to have my beloved cat ,put to sleep after 15&1/2 years,he was white and had cancer,i took all the precautions for him,its like a part of me has gone,i have another cat whos 18 yrs old and a dog ,i know they miss him as much as me,he was more than a cat,
  8. a young lad has come down the snikket on his pushbike, at the side of lidls,hes ran into a parked car,i saw the poor lad,and i am hoping hes ok,and the police manage to find out who he is,my thoughts are with him and his family
  9. my dad ,was the drummer there for years and i went on all the trips.
  10. just to let you know buses are running up stocksbridge now,after an earlier crash,hope the lady and her kids are ok.
  11. anyone know whats going to happen to the land,where glenn webb and summerfields were?thanks
  12. i remember 1p mcgowans toffee,cherry lips,bullseyes,black jacks,fruit salads,pear drops,some still around but dont taste the same,granellis still best for old fashion sweets,lets start a petition to bring back spangles
  13. hello,heeley tyke,thanks for the compliment ,what was your handle on the rig?,thanks,pauline
  14. hello walt,many thanks for the pictures,bless you for taking the troule to take them,thanks,pauline
  15. my son in laws an undertaker,they cut in with them too,its awfull, my dad used to take his hat of and stand till they went passed.
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