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  1. Does anyone know of any classes in Sheffield? My daughter (nearly 9) is really interested and so am I 😊
  2. OMG, friend messaged to say they was on High Street just after it happened 😳
  3. I suffer from dental anxiety and had sedation two years ago for a very tricky extraction at Charles Clifford. It was the best decision ever, not sure what I said to them whilst sedated though!!!
  4. Does anyone know of anywhere in Sheffield we can take our two year old to dance classes with other toddlers? As soon as music is played there is no stopping her Thanks x
  5. I had a nightmare trying to get our daughter to use a bottle as I exclusively breast fed for 11 months and had to stop due to medication :-( I tried so many and the one that worked in the end was Tommee Tippee and then she only had a bottle for two months as she took to a cup straight away. I just wish I had tried her with a cup first instead of putting myself through the stress :-) Good luck with finding a bottle that works hun x
  6. Hi, does anyone know of a toddler group in S2 or near on that runs on a Monday or Tuesday please. Thanks x
  7. Hi, I was induced in April 2010 as I was overdue and had complications through pregnancy with my iron. I had the pessary inserted at 3pm on the Sunday and everything was happening so quick that it was taken out at 3am the Monday morning (was told it would in 24 hours and nothing would happen for a couple of days!) Our daughter was born at 1.40pm normally on the Monday and I had just gas and air. The worst part for me was most of my pains was in my back but other than that it was fine :-) I had a private room before the birth and then went on to a ward afterwards. Good luck xx
  8. Thank you so much everyone for your advice. My hubbie has just got in from work and he thinks it is probably because she has had an accident there before etc and tin foil/pepper sounds good also. Think we may also go and buy some Feliway also. About worming, should we worm her if she is a house cat? Thanks again x
  9. Never wormed her as vet said as she doesn't go out we don't need to - is this right? It is a nuisance, more so because of our little daughter. Think I will try the Feliway to see if it works. Having to have new flooring put down next week as once she has had the accident she scratches and scratches so much our two year old carpet is nearly thread bare :-(
  10. she has always had this many a day - very regular like my hubbie lol
  11. Forgot to mention that I did phone the vets when it first started happening and they thought it was probably jealousy and to but a plug in that releases some kind of hormone that would calm her???
  12. Thank you, it would be difficult to move the litter tray as having a small child I don't want it in her reach and at least in the hallway I can keep the room door closed. But, I totally understand what you mean. Piglet is currently laid next to me purring her little head off - they so know how to push our buttons don't they ;-)
  13. both MuteWitness, a little loose but nothing out of the ordinary
  14. Hi all I am really looking for some advice please. We have had our cat Piglet just over 6 years now (adopted her as a kitten from RSPCA) and she is a house cat. Our daughter was born last year and is now 17 months old. For approx 4-5 months Piglet has been pooing in the hallway (which is where her litter tray is). This happens at least every other day (has happened 3 times today) and I really don't know what to do. She is doing her business either in the litter tray or two other places in the hallway. She has her accidents even when though her litter tray is always clean. Has anyone else experienced this please? We did think that perhaps it was jealousy because of our daughter? But, to be honest I don't think it is (but could be wrong). We always make sure that we give her lots of attention and always have especially since our daughter was born. Our daughter doesn't have much to do with our cat as she (the cat) is mostly asleep in the day and then awake when daughter is in bed! I am getting myself so worried in case my daughter ever gets into the hallway before us etc and Piglet has had an accident. Anyone advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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