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  1. And no pie and peas probably wont go down to well with all my friends lol
  2. Well it will be for around 60 people and could also give them all a menu hehe .. so what kind of deal could you do lol
  3. Hi yes i am intrested i have had something from you before and enjoyed it what kind of deals have you got?
  4. Because the party is at a pub which i forgot to say so no ovens for me, and rather have hot pizza etc than cold thanks
  5. See it sound ok but need more finger foor like pizzas etc and that is cheapish
  6. I'm not bothered about a buffet, I have learnt from the past people never seem to eat buffets, but when I ordered pizza before it seemed to go down a treat, thanks anyway
  7. I have decided on ordering in a takeaway for my birthday party to save all the hastle of making and serving a buffet, It is on upperthrope road, just wondering if anyone knows of any good takeaways around who have good deals on a load of pizzas etc thank in advance
  8. Just wondered if there were any shops in Hillsboro open? If no. Looks like we will be off to meadowhall
  9. http://www.groupon.co.uk/in/.aJ5jan Dont know if any one uses it, but there are some amazing deals on there Yesterdays deal which is still on there is hair cut, highlights, head massage blow and finish for £19 And todays is £49 instead of £210 for 3 Crystal Clear microdermabrasion treatments and Q Lite skin rejuvenation therapy for fine lines at Lynda V. Price I have put the link above if anyone is intrested
  10. Or if alt f10 don't work then safe mode then acer recovery management do loads of these at work every day
  11. virgin media or freesat hd offer iplayer
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