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  1. Yep I did that too, was told by a friend to do that. Shall I try turning the wheel again?
  2. Yep! It also cut out as well just lost power, pulled over started it up again. Was ok then 15mins later started making a noise bit of grey smoke and leaking.
  3. I thought that but recovery bloke said that was ok too.
  4. Right least I know its in right place...thanks! Dunno why it's leaking and smoking then?
  5. Yep that's it! But on top it says atf oil only?
  6. Well where it said to put it in the book and the recovery bloke said I'd put it in right 1 but there was smoke and its leaking out.
  7. It would appear I have put power steering fluid in the wrong bit! Ooops... Can anyone help sort this please?
  8. Anyone recommend a cheap garage in or around Hillsborough I can get my car MOT'd?
  9. My 4 year old son wants to try karate. Can anyone recommend any classes in Hillsborough?
  10. Hillsborough leisure center do one Thursday mornings.
  11. Does anyone know any restaurants that are a bit different? It's for a friends birthday but she is wanting somethingdifferent to a normal meal out! Any ideas are welcome.
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