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  1. Land rovers being stolen keep popping up on SF. I don't think it will be someone local. Sorry for your loss
  2. Yes, it was like being back in the boom times. Lets hope the market is rising again but as daft as the last one!
  3. I think what the OP is saying is now that the tenants have been in for over 7 years does their tenancy become a regulated one? There is something somewhere about being a tenant for 7 years that rings a bell with me too.
  4. I had Hydroleak and Andrew do me a bathroom re-fit last year and they are both first class.
  5. If the trees was there before you decided to build the extension then it could be said if there was any future problems with roots that perhaps you should have considered having the extension knowing there was a potential problem with next doors trees. It's a case of which came first the chicken or the egg? I had an extension and I know the chuff next would plant conifers up to it straight afterwards so I went deeper and wider with the footings up to the party line. 1 metre deep down to rock and 700mm wide reinforced. Even an oak tree would have a job shifting that foundation.
  6. £43k! It was a packed auction room with plenty of activity. The bargain of the day was the big house attached to Highfields Library at only £115k! Rockley Road lot 31 was what I was interested in but 100k was my limit. Good luck to the buyer, nice little earner that one. Not seen you on here for a while Dan, things picked up?
  7. I wouldn't worry to much about it. Many an old codger about still who has had or still has a lead mains water pipe. What next copper poisoning from copper water pipes?
  8. There is a shop at Middlewood that does it. Opposite the Middlewood bound tram stop.
  9. Going back further up the page about landlords. It is my guess that the landlords who are renting out their £35k houses do not live in the area, are probably Asian, and are getting their tenants through Housing Solutions. They have many homeless are desperate families on their books and will get maximum rent possible paid direct to the landlord in exchange for putting who they want in. In this case immigrants who have dumped themselves on the Howden House door steps! The landlord probably doesn't even know who is moving into their house and couldn't stop them if they wanted to if they found out they was East Europeans. You cannot tell the Council PRS or Housing solutions no immigrants! Think about it? Who would pay £495 a month for a 3 bed in Page Hall? Only the Council! Low capital outlay and high yield. If it is not Page Hall then it is going to be the next low value area.
  10. I still have a hot water tank which is heated by the gas boiler but also has the original immersion heater fitted in case of a boiler breakdown. Although on the one and only occasion the boiler did breakdown we forgot we had an immersion heater as in the 30 years we have had it we have never used it.
  11. As I understand it the area around Popple street was deemed for demolition but the local Asian population kicked up such a fuss the Council abandoned the idea. These houses was built in the late 1800's and are way out of date. Demolish Page hall and rebuild for the 21st century.
  12. like I said, Why 3 quotes? If you are satisfied that it is the builder for you and the price is right why waste 2 other builders valuable free time when you have no intention of employing them?
  13. Why 3 quotes? If you are satisfied that it is the builder for you and the price is right why waste 2 other builders valuable free time when you have no intention of employing them? I have had years of been called out at evenings and weekends to price for jobs which take an average of 3 hours to quote for and the customer is only wanting me for a comparison quote or simply pick my brains. Quotes are not charged for and are usually done out of working hours. 3 hours a quote x 3 time wasters a week adds up in a year to a lot of unpaid wasted time. Now if I am booked beyond 6 weeks I will not look at any job until I am down to 4-6 weeks ahead. Really had enough of people stealing my valuable free leisure time. In your early business days you put up with it but once you start going to your cousins funerals you begin to realise there is more to life than wasting it on time wasters. Rant over.
  14. I recently broke my Blackberry Curve screen and EE replaced the phone. On fitting the 2 cards I discovered I had no contact list history. Lost every stored phone number. So now I want to be able to save to sim but I cannot find anywhere where this function is? I don't want to risk this happening again. Anybody know how to save contacts to sim?
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