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  1. My condensor pipe has also been frozen stopping the boiler from working. It happened earlier on this month and I simply poured hot water over the pipe and it worked fine. This time though that didn't work and the boiler stopped completely. My house insurance covers it and a gas engineer has come out. He had to cut the pipe underneath the boiler and has put a bowl underneath it to catch the water as a temporary fix until i can fix the pipe. The boiler is now working again. I'm worried now after reading all these posts! Will fumes be coming into my house? I thought fumes went out through the flue not the condensor pipe.
  2. I think i'm gonna look into gettin winter tyres for my car- even though there's probably gonna be a delay now! Can't rely justify buying a 4x4 just for the few bouts of snow we get in this country. 4x4's cost a fortune to run I bet!
  3. A Ha! That was gonna be my next question! Thats a good idea that i've been thinking of if I buy a 4x4.
  4. OK, i've bitten the bullet and i'll have a go at this! Age: 35 male Interests- I love music, I listen to anything that is talented and I have no musical prejudices! I could listen to Metallica one day and Take That the next or even Elgar the day after and Eminen the day after that- you get the picture! I love going to gigs when someone goes with me! I love movies as well, love going to the cinema or watching TV. I go to the gym, i'm not a poser though!- I just like keeping fit and toned.
  5. So I need new wheels as well as tyres? Will the tyres fit on my existing wheels? Sorry about all the questions! What are snow gloves?
  6. So, winter tyres are still needed on a 4x4. So maybe its not worth buying one just for winter. What if you kept winter tyres on the 4x4 all year? Would winter tyres get me around in my corsa on snow and ice?
  7. Cheers for reply, its just that I need to get to work cos i work in a hospital and when the buses are off i can't get to work cos its too far to walk. I've got a corsa sri cdti, and i'm weighing up the options wether to buy a 4x4 or will winter tyres be enough?
  8. I'm debating wether to buy a 4x4, but do you still need to fit winter tyres on them to get around in the snow?
  9. I've used A57 for years and they're really good and trustworthy.
  10. Even though I have adobe reader installed my laptop says unable to open and it redirects the file to microsoft works. I've tried re downloading adobe reader but it still doesn't work. I've also tried right clicking on the link and opening with adobe but it still redirects to microsoft works. Whats happening?!
  11. Thanks ginner. What I mean is, if I haven't yet subbed £3600 in the tax year can I take £300 out and put it back in before the tax year ends? I suppose what i'm asking is can I dip into the e-ISA by putting money in and out as long as I don't go above £3600 before the tax year ends?
  12. Thankyou very much old bloke. I was thinking about applying for the cash e-ISA through HSBC, the rate is 2.2%. I've currently got a normal cash ISA with them but its only 1.1% I think. I'm off tomorrow morning so I think i'll ring the HSBC mortgage centre and ask them some questions.
  13. Is anyone with Scottish Power? I was wondering if it was a good idea to actually ring them once a month or something and actually give them your own readings? Are you allowed to do that? I pay monthly direct debit as well and in the last quarter they increased my payments by almost doubling it because they were estimating too low.
  14. I mean, if I take £300 out, can I put the £300 back in within the same year as long as I don't go above the allowance of £3600 in the same tax year? I was wondering if paying off my mortgage was a good idea, 'cos the money I put can't be spent like in a savings account.
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