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  1. Yeah, that happened a week after i swapped mine, talk about gutted!!
  2. Thanks for the answers people I mean that, I can fully charge the thing, play it for an hour and it needs charging again. I bought a brand new one with the intention of Jbreaking it. Realised i was on firmware that couldnt, so swapped it for my mates older one which could be Jbroke. He said his battery lasted about a week, but only played music, and not for that long at a time. I only play games on it, so I guess that games take more battery power to run than listening to music. Yes, WiFi is always on, I will turn that off when not needed in future. Screen brightness is only at half full.
  3. Hi all, My Ipod Touch battery is rubbish, and I wonder if there is anywhere in Sheffield that can put another one in cheaper than Apple does it? I refuse to pay £59 to £66 with Apple, that is a total rip off IMO! Anywhere I may find this service?
  4. Sorry to resurrect this long dead thread, but I've only just heard a rumour about an IKEA being build on the land opposite the Porsche garage near Meadowhall. Anybody with any more information about this? True or not?
  5. Hi there, I am looking for an experienced, reliable dog walker on a long term basis (hopefully!). I have seen recommendations for blade61, however I cannot get in touch, as PMs don't seem to be enabled on blade's end and the "send email" form does not load through... anyone can help? Thanks, Katrin
  6. Thanks for the opinions so far, keep 'em coming! My partner and me are a full time working couple too, with a small dog... How is it with that usually if you want to rent there, are dogs allowed? We do not want to buy at this point in time. @ zongamin: May I ask you what street you are living on? If you want to tell, that is... I only got totally lost within that area when driving through, it all looks so much alike
  7. Hi there, My partner and me are looking to move from our flat in Intake into a nice little house somewhere within a 1 mile radius. Rightmove and others quite often bring up properties on the Parklands Estate, which are reasonably priced and don't look too bad on the pictures. This fluctuation could be down to the amount of properties and a lot of houses not been that big (probably not big enough for a family), or it could be that people want to move away again, as soon as they move in. Now, with my partner having grown up on the Manor, he is fairly cautious about the whole Estate (and most other Manor areas), but cannot really tell how good or bad the situation there is nowadays. Since I only moved to Sheffield (from Germany) a year ago, I cannot judge at all, but I can tell that around here (Intake) you too have kids hanging out in our partially covered car park drinking and smoking when it rains, that I had a tyre slashed the other week and you hear drunk noisy people wandering home at night every now and then. Such is life (apart from the tyre, I would kill the f***er that did that!). Anyway, to make a long story short, can anyone give their opinion on the situation on the Parklands Estate nowadays? All threads here on the forum are from 2006 or older, and things can change dramatically within 3 years for sure. I have been driving through the Estate a few times to get a feel for the area and it all looks quite pleasant (clean streets, mostly newish cars etc.). I am interested in Queen Mary Road/Stirling Way/those close by. Every opinion welcome, good, bad and ugly Thanks, Katrin
  8. Well, we know that there is power running through the comp, as both the PSU and the GPU fans are spinning on power up, as well as you can clearly hear the HDDs starting to work... just no signal and no beeps, but that might be down to the speaker, that's true.
  9. Ok then, so most certainly that graphics card is bye bye Kansas... pity, it was a killer one!
  10. Well, if the mem is out and it beeps, you still don't know if the GFX is damaged... if you don't get anything, the mainboard is gone... Ok, that seems to be the case, no beeps whatsoever...
  11. Ok, the German lady that's guilty of all this... As you can see on those pictures, it is an nVidia 8800 GTS graphics card, the whole thing is an Intel Core 2 Duo (I have no idea of the type atm) on an MSI Neo, 500W PSU, different cards like LAN, wireless, more than enough memory, two S-ATA HDDs. As you can imagine, it is hard to find a solution while I am in Germany, but obviously the GFX is connected correctly, including it's pci-e connexion. It gets power, as the graphics fan (which is the only fan besides the PSU one, the CPU is cooled passive) starts spinning, but no signal on the monitor. One of the HDDs makes "clicking" noises, so I guess that one's gone to **** (dammit, it's the system one!). No beeps at all when booting up, just no signal. My fear is that the GFX has died on the way, but I am not completely sure. Opinions appreciated
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