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  1. thanks Hayley - will investigate l
  2. I want to relearn - can anyone recommend a book
  3. Is there one in Greystones ?
  4. thanks all - will investigate
  5. Anyone know of a company which specialises in people with bipolar disorder
  6. I wish to relearn having given up the piano nearly 50 years ago. Can anyone recommend a good book please?
  7. thanks for your trouble I have printed stuff out to try and digest
  8. Our updated will includes this Can someone, legal? please give me a simple explanation of this for my children to understand.
  9. I am sorting through my late mum's stuff and have a range of knitting needles to go to a good home. I would like to keep some for my own use but I wondered if there is someone or perhaps a community group out there who would appreciate them. I have paired them up. A box of chocs or bottle of wine is all I ask. Any thoughts. Thanks. Greystones area.
  10. thanks his name before he changed it by deed poll was Jozef Kolataj. I was under the impression that the Polish club had now closed. He made a point of not mixing with the Polish community according to his family, presumably to try and forget some of the horror. have been reading around subject and apparently the national trade unions were not keen to welcome the 250,ooo who were in Uk after the war. Pity I did not talk to him when he was alive!
  11. my father in law was polish and settled here after WW2 working in the steel industry. ( interesting that this group were not welcomed by the national trade unions....) I have joined a family history group but having real problems tracking him down. I am ashamed to say that I did not question him closely when I knew him 1980 - 97. I only have his date of birth, his naturalisation certificate and army number and all my efforts so far have got me nowhere. Can anyone please help with a positive way forward?
  12. not driven for a while and could do with a confidence booster - live S11
  13. we are having our 7 year old gas boiler serviced soon what is the going rate for an independent job?
  14. am in the middle of sorting our policy renewable. Beginning to realise that there are wide discepancies between companies and feel ripped off. Seems to take ages to sort. any advice on most economical and user friendly companies? I find it a nightmare every year when our travel, car and house insurances are due. Is building insurance strictly necessary for example.
  15. thank you so far I have just booked a review appt with my GP Anna had not thought of a bum seat!
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