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  1. http://m.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/news/local/sheffield-community-leader-locked-up-in-bangladesh-1-6638799
  2. their not doing enough, he is being accused of crimes he can't have committed as he was in prison. He is a birtish citizen and deserves support from british officials and people to sign.
  3. Thank you for the support exactly our point why would a successful business man go to Bangladesh and hi jack a car?
  4. https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/david-cameron-clive-betts-assist-in-the-safe-return-of-community-leader-mojid-khan http://www.itv.com/news/calendar/story/2014-05-31/family-fear-for-sheffield-man-locked-up-in-bangladesh/ I have started this petition for the safe return of my uncle on behalf of his family. I want people to support this petition as my uncle is innocent and a British citizen being held in a foreign country. We are concerned that he will not be given a fair trial and that his human rights may be violated. We also fear he may be tortured. We would like the British government to investigate this and assist in the release of him. My uncle is a family man and has helped many people in Sheffield. He was in Bangladesh trying to rectify an injustice against himself and other investors. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND ASK OTHERS TO DO SO FOR MOJID, FOR HIS WIFE AND 2 CHILDREN AND FOR THE REST OF HIS FAMILY THAT ARE SUFFERING ALONG SIDE HIM.
  5. What do people think of a mediterranean restaurant in crookes? Also what would you think of a bring your own wine service? thank you for your interest
  6. they did this because when they were first up they had metal sheets going along the poles so you couldnt see traffic going round the roundabout so people would slow down, but i think it caused too much problems so within next to no time they took the metal sheets down and left the poles.
  7. Hi what does everyone think of the west one flatts. are they any good? what do you think about the neighbours? what about the surrounding bars?
  8. in the story it says that family hav offerd to help but they didnt wnat to be split up, its only temporary who wud make their kids live in a acr as if, just want attention get real.
  9. Ok thank you. i havent been to that one yet i think it has only opened recently.
  10. Sorry if i have not spelt it correctly. i am just wondering whether anyone knows if any of the nandos in sheffield serve hallal meat as i know they do in manchester. please reply.
  11. Hi my brother was watchin one of the rocky films, he said rocky was wearin a pure white top sayin BOSS anyone know where i can get one?
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