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  1. hiya does anybody know of any landlords that take dss and have a property available???? im a single mum of a 12 yr old n desperatly need a house or flat thanks for lookin xx
  2. ty jodie just got both sizes from dangerzone cant thank u enough
  3. i am needing a size 14 and a size 6 but jay jay seems to be the only army supplier and has none if anybody has any sizes i need cash is waiting or if anybody knows where i cud get them please let me know as i need sum asap for my boys to go to camp many thanks for ur help
  4. she is learning bout them at school and they have a butterfly bungalow to teach the kids hence er doing it home she isnt causing any harm keeping them but if its ur opinion to leave them in the wild so be it but u had no need to post on here
  5. ty everybody for ur replies will enquire 2 morro but in mean time anybody finds any in their gardens i will be happy to collect even if its 1 then mite get sum peace lol
  6. my 6 yr old niece had a caterpillar as she is learning the transition to butterfly at school.unfortunately it died and she is now heartbroke i desperately need to find caterpillers as she wont stop going on about the dead one does anybody know of places to buy them any help appreciated ty
  7. wish we had a gud gay club to go to bring back fuel
  8. does anybody know where a gud nite out for gays is in sheff plz
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