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  1. AC's injured, as is Cresswell who I think is def. worth a shout when fit again
  2. Joe Momma

    26 years ago Hillsborough

    I thought the first game (after) was a Central League game? v. Barnsley? The first home 1st team game was v. West Ham, on a Tuesday.
  3. Joe Momma

    Music Stores in Sheffield

    I use these people a lot and they have several in stock http://www.thomann.de/gb/hoefner_electric_basses.html
  4. Joe Momma

    Millers could have points deducted.

    No, it's cos we got fined, you got yer filthy lucre, it's 8 years later and you're STILL boring everyone to death with your 'tale of woe' ...
  5. Joe Momma

    Millers could have points deducted.

    Sheesh! Are you chumps still ranting at no-one?
  6. Joe Momma

    Punk gigs at the Marples

    I REMEMBER WHEN ... in Sheffield I saw The Clash (with Mikey Dread), The Stranglers, The Jam, Buzzcocks (with Joy Division support), The Damned, Ramones, Skids, Bauhaus, Magazine, Banshees, ... and many more and ALL in their prime .... That's the thing about being older ... we saw all the coolest bands
  7. Joe Momma

    Sheffield's chance to shine post TdeF

    Agreed ITV4 was advert heavy but EuroSport's coverage was much better and with far less Ads. HD too so if you have any Catch-up TV service go from about the '25 Km to go' mark (in top lefty of screen)
  8. Joe Momma

    This is why football is secondary

    Yeah, 3 years ago it started but we were told (last year) he'd beaten it and was on the mend? And that pic (with the white top) on my link is this season's Away kit so he obviously got fit enough to play U-21's again ... just goes to show
  9. Joe Momma

    This is why football is secondary

    http://www.whufc.com/articles/20140418/west-ham-united-statement_2236884_3774196 父
  10. Well that's that ... they can't have their 'top Ref' as being seen to make an error ... I thought as much ... terrible call but no worries - it'll just galvanise us now. (though Webb is now on 'The List' ... with Keith Hackett & Kevin Friend) ---------- Post added 07-02-2014 at 21:23 ---------- So you condone play-acting to get a player sent off? Sickening ...
  11. Yeah I'm not a fan of the 'legal' route either ... but some club opened that particular Pandora's Box (AND gained from it) so why not? Anyhow, decision due today so I may yet see him at Villa tomorrow - not hopeful and I think (despite being a joke red) we should've taken it on the chin and not queried this. Though if Webb (who I actually like) had ALWAYS used that level of 'consistency' Spain would've been awarded the 2010 WC at H-T due to the Dutch having less than 7 players http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26081791
  12. Really? You thought it warranted a red? ---------- Post added 07-02-2014 at 10:49 ---------- Yeah, not a fan of Tory Brady either but the stadium ... well what do you suggest happens to it? Another Don Valley Stadium?
  13. Yeah ... 'Siege mentality' I guess? 7 years on yet all I see is the bile ... After being missing all season he's finally back & firing on all cylinders and he's vital ... good to see - great player and a total beast - unstoppable on his day ..... also for England in the Summer?
  14. Every pundit (and even Laudrup!) said it was "very harsh" ... being climbed all over & just brushing him off ... perhaps a caution? Maybe the FA didn't want their "No.1 World Cup Ref" as being seen to make a mistake? But some of the comments on here ... Not one has mentioned Cheato's reaction: brushed on the top of the head yet squealing and holding his face, rolling around ... a real tough Centre-half? Pfft! That 'simulation' is as bad as diving to gain a penalty IMO ... so, ignoring the fact that it was a player of a club you clearly dislike, have a look at it from ALL sides of a footballing perspective eh?

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