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  1. Don't pay it. I've not paid 3 now and all I have received through the post is 'We are taking you to court' letters. The last one was about 5 months ago now! As others have said - Ignore it. If I was to put a sign up saying 'IF I DRIVE INTO THIS CAR PARK YOU (THE PARKING COMPANY) OWE ME £100' do you think they would pay me? IGNORE THE LETTER. DO NOT RESPOND TO IT. SLEEP WELL Edit: If anything ever comes of mine I will let everyone know. However Im sure there will be some sort of time limit before these companys have to drop it.
  2. You get the child benefits for them. You pay. He's not working so will have just enough money to live on. Split the child benefit?
  3. It is yes. the op will be so embarrassed. Thanks for pointing that out. LOL
  4. Just to clarify... When I go to my local PC shop and buy, for example, a T7200 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU I can expect to walk out of the shop with 2 items? Have I got that right? Thanks LOL. OMG Some people.
  5. LOL. Oh dear your so silly http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-core (A dual core processor is a CPU with two separate cores on the same die) Have a read, you may learn something. HA HA HA
  6. ... [GordonBennet] Location Broomhill Interests Drinking, smoking, cars and fishing Occupation GP - Yeah right. Don't make me laugh So your interested in cars? Me too lets meet up?
  7. But humans will heal themself! So whats the problem? I don't see anythink wrong with being physically attacked. Now I like the suggestion of you giving us your address. I'd love to scratch the glass in you house windows, your doors, your gates and anything else I can find that will scratch. Obviously thats not a problem to you as I can promise that your house will still do what it was built to do. So your house number and postcode please...
  8. My car was fully on the road as it should have been.
  9. I can't believe whats just happened!!!! I read this thread just before I was ready for bed last night and guess what I woke up to.... I great big scratch from boot to bonnet on the drivers side! Im so mad. Theses people must have so little in their lives. 1st Thing I did was call the police and report it as it did not happen at my home address so reporting it will hopefully increase the insurance premiums around that area. Just hope it will affect the people who did this one day. I'd love to have caught the person as they were doing it. Better still if your reading this and live in S5 why not knock on the door where the car was parked and man up??
  10. I would check the reg out on here http://www.askmid.com/ Edit: You'll get no help from the police regarding this matter. Been there got the t-shirt! You'd be better off saying he drove off at 32mph in a 30mph zone!
  12. This wireless keyboard of mine is rubbish. But I'd like to thank you for pointing it out as I will take it back now for a full refund Ta Why have you got "[/color][/u]" at the top of your post? Just thought I'd point it out also HA HA HA HA
  13. Keyboard mis-type, add an "S" to the "he". Ta Beans knows who I am. As i've exposed beans I think beans is choosing to ignore me.
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