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  1. I suppose who gets to the final will have a huge bearing, Fulham brought a pitiful amount of fans to S6 a few weeks ago that totally belied there position and current form, if they got there I'm sure there'd be some on general sale to buy from the club. I assume it would be far more difficult be it Boro or Villa.
  2. I would have liked the guided one but can't make this weekend, I thinks theres an audio commentary you can use at certain points on the app.
  3. Theres an app available for the walk as well so you can do it yourself if you cant make this weekend, I intend to do it when I have the time.
  4. Only because the ones you mention share your twisted world view, it seems the truth is harder to bare. Canadablade was the one who said Danny Wilson would be on a golf course in Marbella whilst Wednesday were struggling in the play offs :hihi: one of the all time SF classics.
  5. I enjoyed the film at the time, might have to give it another airing. King Boxer AKA Five Fingers Of Death (1972) - 7/10 - A good not great film but one that kick started the US martial arts craze and influenced many film of the genre to follow. ---------- Post added 18-04-2018 at 23:20 ---------- Berlin Syndrome - 7/10 - A slow burning kidnapping thriller with an Australian tourist being held captive by a German school teacher, builds well but the ending is not as fulfilling as it could have been, I enjoyed it though. ---------- Post added 20-04-2018 at 22:51 ---------- American Made - 7.5/10 - Tom Cruise plays pilot Barry Seal who was recruited by the CIA to photograph South American drug cartels - corruption abounds, good film. ---------- Post added 21-04-2018 at 23:12 ---------- I must have too much time on my hands Thor: Ragnarok - 7/10 - A more comic turn for the MCU on this one, a little muddled in places but entertaining.
  6. What an awful era that was for pubs, truly terrible.
  7. Thankfully I missed the grim 70’s as well, started following in ‘78 and attending in ‘80, wouldn’t change thing had some great times.
  8. A good read Alan, and well done on your 60yrs, been plenty of ups and more downs but thats what being a fan is all about.
  9. Some people may want the work and intend to quote but quoting can be a time consuming and thankless task and they get waylaid by other things, its not always intentional. I would never take on domestic work.
  10. I remember watching this a while ago, agree with what you say. The Music Box - 8/10 - L&H, a load of steps and a piano - brilliant.
  11. Thats exactly it nikki-red, I've no idea who he is but my lad who's 14 went and had a good time so I wouldn't bemoan it, if the lads made a success of something then good luck to him.
  12. No, I start probably 90% of the Owls match threads and contribute to them win, lose or draw, unlike some who vanish in the leaner times. If you don’t want to read what’s going on away from your rose tinted version there’s an ignore feature on the forum.
  13. He took quite a battering yesterday Mel, he’s got a week to recover - be reyt.
  14. It’s rarely a classic against these and they’re scrapping for points at the bottom (they are probably safe though) the Owls have only pride to play for and the FF/Rhodes front two will probably start again. 1-0
  15. If it was Bassetts days it certainly was hoofball, extreme hoofball, watch the videos. Thats all in the past, I looked at this thread hoping for some reaction to this afternoons game.
  16. Wilko liked his teams to get the balls to the flanks, then get crosses whipped in (Marwood was very good for that) to the big lump in the middle, a player who had not done too well at previous clubs scored plenty of goals due to this tactic (Lee Chapman).
  17. Its quite ironic that Millwall got their equaliser with hoofball tactics against one of its biggest exponents for a good part of the last 30yrs.
  18. He's had some dreadful abuse from some quarters but Jordan Rhodes had an excellent game today, led the line brilliantly and got the winner.
  19. Total rubbish, the leaders of the failed Rotherham Council that were complicit in the recent child abuse cases were also highly paid, its a case of the incompetent awarding themselves huge wages because they can, ludicrous.
  20. My son tells me it was a Youtube blogger called Morgz - went totally over my head.
  21. Hull had a goal disallowed in the first minute of injury time then piled on the pressure for the remaining 5, all over 0-1.
  22. Hull the better side this half Palmer on for the injured Hunt. A goal for the Tigers wouldn’t be a surprise.
  23. The best first half for a while although Hull are definitely capable of a goal.
  24. Decent game so far and the Owls fans in good voice, fairly open and Hull have just had a couple of good chances, entertaining. ---------- Post added 14-04-2018 at 15:22 ---------- 0-1 Rhodes (surprisingly).
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