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  1. Whether you like united or not (I don’t) they are a fairly big club in the great scheme of things, I’d say being ecstatic at mid table mediocrity shows how far you have fallen. As for people posting on here if you give it the big un when things are going well you have to expect some flack in return. The next three months are very important as to which direction the club aim to go in.
  2. You’ll have plenty of summer time away from the updates if McCabes still at the helm.
  3. I had my doubts about Jos but always think mangers need a chance he’s got the best out of Nuhiu and Joao and now seems to be playing to FF’s strengths (could Rhodes have a resurgence) we’ve had some bad games but he’s maybe been tinkering with things to try them out as we have nothing to play for. He also seems more cheerful in pressers nowadays which is good to see. A bit of wheeling and dealing in the summer and hopefully a much improved season next time round.
  4. A fantastic day, remember the build up, the journey down, The Manchester United fans saying how they were gonna tear us apart, that goal and the nail biting last half hour, celebrations going well into the night. Absolutely amazing and memories to be cherished forever.
  5. It isn’t 100%. It’s a bonus but I’d rather have a top 6 place. I’ve never based a seasons success or failure on where united finish.
  6. If you’ve been giving it all season you have to be prepared to take it when the reverse happens.
  7. Not good enough and haven’t been since the turn of the year, it was obvious they needed to strengthen in January and chose not to do it.
  8. People can call the injuries this season excuses until their blue (or red) in the face but when you have a player of the calibre of Forestieri out for the best part of a season and a half (if you include the period he was playing through it) you certainly miss them, he was magnificent today and if you haven’t seen his second goal yet make sure you catch it later.
  9. Great goal by FF was tenacious in keeping the ball and lashed in a great finish.
  10. Lengthy treatment for Jack Hunt, he’s walking off but definitely hobbling.
  11. Fairly inauspicious first 15, neat and tidy in possession, couple of threats involving FF but not much to write home about, Reading have offered very little to say they could still do with the points. ---------- Post added 21-04-2018 at 15:39 ---------- The talisman breaks the deadlock 1-0 FF.
  12. The going to the far side trick works at many gigs ---------- Post added 22-04-2018 at 23:26 ---------- Carter USM was another band I saw there.
  13. I think I was at that Charlatans gig, they opened with The Only One I Know which was their big hit at the time. Other acts I remember seeing there: Jesus & Mary Chain Inspiral Carpets Ride All About Eve The Senseless Things Elbow Goldfrapp The Coral Robert Plant I'm sure theres more but I can't think of them at the minute.
  14. Yeah we gave out stick for the last few years and rightly so, we also deserve some back as both teams seasons have panned out unexpectedly, the problem for me is united fans have clutched at anything to get some form of revenge and have looked a bit desperate to point score at times.
  15. Sorry I must have imagined we've had injuries if it isn't a fact.
  16. Can't remember saying that to be honest (before a few start feverishly looking for posts I may have done) our seasons just been a total car crash, the SWFC of the previous two seasons did finish in a higher position than united are now and would have done again in all probability.
  17. Because it gets held up as fact and thrown back at you when proved wrong.
  18. He hasn't and most of them have been injured for the best part but don't let that spoil your fun.
  19. Be careful saying anything like that.
  20. My last word on the subject - he's a very poor striker who's got lucky as the style of play of the team he's currently at gifts him plenty of chances, despite scoring 18 he's still missed a hatful and will disappear when the going gets tough. Your welcome to him. The end.
  21. Not at all, anybody who thought he'd get much more than 10 is in a very small minority, the fact that it was not questioned by a single person at the time tells its own story. Perhaps if you'd get it right you could have a bet on it next season.
  22. Yes that was me and funnily enough no one disagreed at the time, its great what hindsight can do. It was once said of Sgt Wilko's SWFC team that he could play a post up front and it would get 20 goals a season, the same applies here.
  23. Hallam FM is truly awful and has been for years, good riddance if true.
  24. He's based it on previous finals and they didn't then, maybe a more renewed interest with the up turn in results.
  25. I'm not sure what Fulhams home crowds are like but I'd be surprised if tickets didn't go on general sale which means virtually anyone could buy them.
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