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  1. I said at the beginning of the season that the squad was unbalanced and not good enough for automatic, with a fully fit squad (or a couple out) top 6 should have been acheivable, not guarenteed but the previous two seasons suggest it was not an unrealistic expectation, the early blow of losing FF was a huge factor.
  2. Seeing the aim was promotion yes, of course.
  3. The manager got sacked for those games so not really relevant. And some of the players - Hutchinson, Lees, FF and Westwood were all playing with injuries. The sequence you've shown garners 13 points not 7.
  4. Its a mixed forum I go on threads of both teams as thats what its there for.
  5. There haven't been any we've just been using it as an excuse.
  6. I love how even after all these years united fans dont get that this is and has always been said ironically, some even type it in capital letters to make the point, hilarious. ---------- Post added 24-04-2018 at 10:16 ---------- I find it really interesting that 10 players out inc Hooper, Bannan, Westwood and Forestieri who are amongst the divisions best (oh and Tom Lees) don't count towards having a troubled season but in 2012 when United had Ched Evans unavailable to play it was the one and only reason Wednesday got promoted above them - the wisdom of the football fan.:hihi:
  7. Mean Streets - 5/10 - Love Scorsese's films and this early effort has the right ingredients - good cast, his well placed music and a gangland setting unfortunately its not much of a spectacle, told in a cinema verite style it never really grabs the attention, much better was to follow
  8. I think the rumours of talks breaking down emerged after the transfer window so wouldn't have had much bearing. All will be revealed in time I suppose.
  9. It’s been speculated (and only that) that talks have broken down and court could be the next step, obviously the length of time that would take could have repercussions. I’m sure neither owner would want to willingly damage the club though.
  10. They certainly haven't said that since November Your own fans didn't expect you to do well, a stray pass is a stray pass, a missed sitter is met with a shrug. The bar will be raised next season - different ball game entirely. Thats your free hit.
  11. This is your free hit season, the unknown quantity (as are Millwall) won't be the same next year and you'll probably find the teams that have invested in better quality will eventually rise, if you don't you'll more likely repeat the 2nd half of this season next term. Investment in a club is not usually a short term one season fix.
  12. Maybe because for the 8yrs you talk about we didn't have a bean and were making do with free transfers and loan players, it did us proud in 2012 though. ---------- Post added 23-04-2018 at 16:19 ---------- I'm pretty sure Mr Mccabe and the prince are (multi) Millionaires are they not?
  13. He comes with baggage Mooks but if he's fit and focused he's a match winner/game changer of the highest calibre, his recent injury may make any potential suitors wait a little and Mr Chansiri will not sell willingly. Could make for an exciting season if he stays.
  14. We’ve had an absolutely awful season, it started badly and injuries made it much worse. Never said otherwise.
  15. I don't think there were any rules as to what a gap constitutes but a division apart is a decent enough gulf, the current few places is irrelevant. Good to see you think you've added quality, I think your on your own with that one.
  16. Probably not but we did spoil Watfords celebrations handing the title to Bournemouth a few years ago if I remember rightly.
  17. When the gap is a league apart it makes a difference, when one team has had an awful injury blighted campaign and the other has had a "good season" yet there are only a few places between them isn't a gap thats really worth shouting about (although you have). The fact that a team thats only won 11 games in nearly 6 months is still in with a mathamatical chance to make the top 6 is testament to how poor its been. Hope that answers your questions.
  18. The penultimate game brings a visit to the worthy champions a team that started the season on fire and barring a few draws around Xmas have maintained the standard throughout, difficult to tell how teams respond once the title is won, do they want to go out on a high with no pressure on them or have they switched off, job done. The Owls will want to carry the current good form to the end so won’t give them an easy ride, it will be tough though. Not gonna bother with a prediction, its not important.
  19. I don't quite get this "good season" mantra, you played well up to about November and seriously tailed off since with a potential mid table finish, I'd hate to see what you class as a bad season.
  20. They’re last two games are Fulham and Wolves so they’ve probably given up as well.
  21. The parameters had changed in January to what you probably expected in August it was crying out for a push to take you over the line. I’d assume because your two chairmen are very rich men (one a blade, the other who would spend big once the time was right) crowd numbers are good and the sale of players has brought in good sums.
  22. Why didn’t McCabe spend some wisely in January then, it’s not like he hasn’t got it? Anyone heard anything from Grappler he usually has a lot to say for himself.......or is that only after a blades win!!!
  23. I’ve not just based on this one season I’ve based it on the club as a whole, one of the historically bigger clubs being reduced to seeing mid table as “success”. It’s in the boards hands now, maybe a radical change at the top is needed.
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