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  1. No team with ambition sells its best players, simple as. Whilst the two reserve keepers are very good they're not the finished article yet.
  2. Played all but a handful of league games in the three seasons up to this one, what are you talking about???
  3. Ghostbusters - tried to like it, I should like it but don't Anchorman - totally unfunny Withnail And I - totally unfunny Point Break - Don't get the love at all
  4. I was a huge fan of De Niro in the 80’s I’d go as follows with his best: 70’s The Godfather pt 2 Taxi Drive – possibly his best individual performance The Deer Hunter – the Russian roulette scene is fantastic I could never warm to Mean Streets from this era. 80’s Raging Bull – the best sports film ever made King of Comedy – very unerrated Once Upon A Time In America – very confusing but very good The Untouchables – chilling performance as Capone Midnight Run – another very underrated film 90’s Goodfella’s A Bronx Tale Casino Jackie Brown – perhaps his last really great role I think the late 90’s was where he started to lose his way, in his earlier career he seemed to wait for the great roles after this period he seemed to appear in virtually anything, a case of quantity over quality and not been in much of note since, lets hope Scorsese can give us another great performance in the upcoming The Irishman.
  5. Westwood isn't injury prone, up there with the best in the division no doubt, he was playing with an injury this season when his form dropped a little. No one is on more than £35k and I doubt Westwood is top earner.
  6. Yeah, its only usually when you win a game.
  7. Seeing as you consider it such a key game it might be worth you starting a match thread!!
  8. Children Of Men - 7.5/10 - Didn't really get this on first viewing years ago but really enjoyed it second time around, a great vision of a broken future England, very bleak but a very good film.
  9. At least most of the other united fans are realistic this one only convinces himself, leave him to it
  10. Your enjoying one win in six, I repeat how the mighty have fallen. Anyway comeback to the thread on Saturday when the inevitable is confirmed and you can contribute some realism.
  11. How the mighty have fallen, never thought I’d see the day.
  12. You might have it’s still over however much your clinging.
  13. Its mathamatically possible for me to win the lottery jackpot on Saturday but I bet I'll still be turning up for work on Monday morning.
  14. I've suspected you were not good enough for a top 6 place from the turn of the year, nothing has happened since to change my mind, your seasons over. ---------- Post added 25-04-2018 at 15:32 ---------- A definite positive in a dire Owls season has been the emergence and growth of the long neglected youth set up, many players getting first team run outs and not looking out of place and the U23’s and U18’s doing very well in their respective leagues.
  15. I've heard a rumour that he may have to retire from a persistant knee injury which is a shame as he was a good player for Watford.
  16. I never expected top 2 as I thought the squad didn't have the right balance but top 6 should have been acheivable if the injuries hadn't been so severe. Of the players out I'd probably keep Venancio and Dawson but agree the rest could (but probably won't) go, don't forget Abdi as well.
  17. So the seasons over all bar a couple of meaningless games, both sets of fans have had plenty of bluster – us Owls pre-season, the blades early season but both have finished with the same – nowt. Whats your view of the season on the whole and what does your club need to do in the summer?
  18. If the bigger teams that underperformed this time up their game and an awful team like Cardiff (nowhere near the quality of Newcastle or Brighton) doesn't make the top two.
  19. I'm pretty sure Millwall didn't have most of their first team squad out before they purchased a few "key signings" and I would also wager Millwall are nearer the bottom than the top in 12 months time.
  20. Its been covered aplenty on here why the club didn't spend too much in January and you were involved in the thread, why mention it again when you know the facts.
  21. There possibly will be a court battle involved and legal processes are notoriously slow if it does go down that route.
  22. They may have contributed but the worst injury situation I’ve know in 40yrs was a much bigger factor.
  23. Not every clubs managerial situation is the same, the leaving by mutual consent may have been not just results based.
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