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  1. We can live in hope that that all happens :hihi:
  2. The co-chairman at united have just had the best possible opportunity to back the manager and the club, they haven’t taken it. Something drastic needs to happen and quickly or the demise could be a very quick and painful one.
  3. 33 is not particularly old for a keeper Mel, Westwood's still number one for me but the lads are very capable understudies, not quite the fully finished article yet though.
  4. They had a cracking start but not been great since November, there's an old adage - its not how you start its how you finish, never been truer.
  5. Investments not just for one season though is it, SWFC have the quality to do better a sequence of events have meant that they haven't for various reasons, a little bit of wheeling and dealing and if we keep hold of investments like FF things should be a lot brighter. I'd bet Millwall will be bottom half this time next year.
  6. Your clutching at straws mate, end of the day your club had a gilt edged chance to kick on and didn’t take it, the consequences could now be catastrophic. You can pick through what I’ve said all you want I’ll find any negatives I can. It’s your board you’d be better aiming you ire at.
  7. Wilders career is on an upwards trajectory, he’s hinted numerous times that he needs the added quality to push on, the club were in a position of strength part way through the season, everything was in place to give the manager and team a boost, it didn’t happen. CW will not want his managerial career to go into reverse and he’ll want some serious assurances from whoever’s at the helm for him to stick around.
  8. Your like an Italian tank, one forward gear and ten reverse I’ve explained why a bit of quality in the side can help when the tactics aren’t going your way.
  9. Give over man you’ve been saying it all season, probably just to disagree with what I said to be fair but any regular reader will have got the drift. Don’t suppose we’ll be seeing Grappler any time soon.
  10. He had been found out to an extent, the Owls at the Lane totally nullified the usually employed tactics and did enough to win, that’s when you need the extra bit of quality to change the game back your way. Think what Ross Wallace did in the play off semi v Brighton and FF has done it numerous times. Sugar coat it all you want but mccabe has let the club down yet again, the manager and the players have done their bit, if you do end up losing him it will be an even bigger folly, you may regret defending it to the hilt. ---------- Post added 28-04-2018 at 21:21 ---------- You’ve maintained all season that you didn’t need to.
  11. I’ve said the same myself many times, there is middle ground. You’ve denied that the club was wrong with their business in January now your manager has confirmed it, I make that a win for me
  12. He supported Newcastle as a youngster not sure when the united affiliation started.
  13. It’s ridiculous mate, he’s been defending the fact that they didn’t invest sufficiently in January (we’re above millionaires was the usual response) then as soon as his manager comes out and says much the same he’s hailing him for speaking his mind ---------- Post added 28-04-2018 at 20:45 ---------- He said teams that have been poor this season will be better next and better teams are coming from the Prem actually.
  14. This game just confirmed the inevitable, it takes a lot to get into the play offs and united have been nowhere near the required standard since December. Wilder pretty much said what I’ve been saying for weeks, that it’s been a weaker division this time and the club should have ceased the chance to buy the right quality from a position of strength. A major error by the powers that be.
  15. A better day out than a match in all fairness, Wolves were slightly better of two teams that largely cancelled each other out.
  16. Owls playing some lovely football but with no real end product as yet, nice to watch though.
  17. I’m surprised you haven’t disagreed, he’s virtually said the opposite of what you keep repeatedly peddling. It’s a good post and pretty much nails it.
  18. Not seen anybody want young players banished from the team but if established first team players return then they may have wait it out. You never know what your gonna get with FF but when you do get it you get one of the very best in the division, worth the price of admission alone and well worth the risk. The manager has brought young players into the team and got the best out of Nuihu and Joao, FF has also been fantastic in the few games played under him, improved discipline and fitness, he also outwitted tactically another local manager after only being in English football for four days, early days but good signs. I'm not in the slightest interested in the Premier League but yes it might appeal to younger fans, I'm sure any that saw your four years out of twenty seven possible will have fond memories (ok perhaps not from the last futile attempt maybe).
  19. Players returning from injury - FF in particular, team in general looking fitter, youth players starting to emerge, three good goal keepers on the books, scoring goals and a summer to regroup, manager seems to be getting the best out of certain players in the short time he's been here.
  20. Kill Bill Vol 2 - 8/10 - A totally different tone to the first film but still excellent.
  21. The reference to being skint was in reaction to years ago, not this season. Its not been embarrassing, the injuries have decimated it, I wouldn't expect a season with virtually the reserves playing to be much better. Positive signs emerging though. If the games are meaningless for some teams how come united haven't managed to win many lately?
  22. We were totally skint so it was no shock really, we did manage a couple of promotions though, one over a much wealthier local rival. I’d be more concerned about your own transfer strategy after the awful second half of the season.
  23. If the ambition was to get from the Prem to nearly a decade in L1 then it was job done :hihi:
  24. Whatever, Westwood, Lees, Bannan and FF are integral to our team and none should even be considered being sold, DC will also be against it and to my knowledge none are currently looking to move on.
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