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  1. Been an improvement these last few weeks but agreed, an awful season, one of the worst for a while, a total dead rubber of a game but be nice to go out on the back of another win.


    Looks like Ross Wallace has been released first - good player who stood up when it counted and scored some memorable goals, really got under uniteds skin in the Lane derby as well :hihi::hihi:

  2. Bless.


    As it stands, wilder is our manager. If he leaves, these things happen.

    There's no indication he will be leaving.


    Anyway, Warnock will be available again next season once Cardiff are promoted ;)

    I also would say that Warnock has been better than wilder over the years and turned us around more than wilder has, so far. He was in charge 11 years ago. So no idea where this 20 years comes from.

    Wilders team play far better football though.


    The saviour, the messiah, he’s one of our own, first sniff of unrest and Warnocks better :hihi::hihi:

  3. The Prince has instigated the takeover,nothing to do with McCabe,this is what Wilder is unsettled about.


    50/50 split both equally to blame.


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    So there we have it . Madine has inspired Cardiff to (probable) promotion by sitting on his backside.:)


    You clearly don’t understand the game, we’ve bought loan wingers in like McGeady and McManaman this has lead to upturns in performances by Wallace who virtually single handedly got us to the play off final.


    Like I said, more than one way to skin a cat. Madine won’t ever be solely responsible if Cardiff get promoted be he could turn out to be a catalyst to it happening.

  4. Easiest thing in the world saying we should spend “x” ammount in january . Much more difficult coming up with the players.

    I think Leeds spent around £7mil on 2 players and it didnt do them much good.


    The job of management at the club is to identify targets to make them stronger, Leeds are a shambles, United are not.


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    Aye, by warming the bench!


    ......and possibly spurring other players onto as they knew they had competition, more than one way to skin a cat.


    ---------- Post added 30-04-2018 at 20:29 ----------


    I agree totally 6 mill for him is a joke 10 mill for Rhodes is hilarious so it just shows you it all depends on who is buying what and not how much.


    You can scoff about those players all you want but I’d rather have a chairman that at least tries rather than one that’s done nothing and risks losing their biggest asset, that’s even more hilarious.

  5. Preston, like a few teams recently came and did a job on us.Defended in numbers , got their goal then indulged in some Olympic standard time wasting.

    Basham in particular put some lovely crosses in to the box but both strikers were off the pace.An in form striker on the pitch and we'd have probably won that game.


    Or a striker of the quality that you could have bought in January maybe.

  6. The following players are out of contract at the end of June.....


    Venancio,Pudil,Wallace,Loovens,Nuhiu and Thorniley


    Out of interest...Fletcher is under contract for another 2 years and the likes of Westwood,Abdi,Boyd,Hooper,Matias and Palmer have another year...


    Unless the club receive a ridiculous offer for those under contract i would think it unlikely they will go....


    I'm pretty sure Thorniley signed an extension quite recently mate.

  7. iF I was silly I would be paying 42 quid a match at sheff 6 and watching boring soccer .


    I love a bit of over generalising :hihi::hihi: very, very few games are £42 and as a good portion that attend are ST holders or Members none will pay anywhere near that. The football hasn't been great this season for obvious reasons but prior to that it was great value. Cardiff also play "boring soccer" as did Huddersfield and they'll probably be playing it in the Prem next season.


    ---------- Post added 30-04-2018 at 14:34 ----------


    Make your mind up...you said this earlier.."My point is that there is business to be done without spending millions,good business that gets results"...:huh:


    If they spend £5m and anybody who finishes above them spends less it could be interesting :hihi::hihi:

  8. I was responding to post 78...:huh:


    But leave it there... i've made my point..


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    Yes but they finished above millionaires apparently..:hihi:


    Its a real dilemma for some posters on here, if he doesn't get the backing they'll lose the best manager they've had since Warnock and if he does get backing it will go against all the principles they've posted about out not spending money for the last few years, its a tough one :hihi::hihi:

  9. I understand what you are saying but if they want to push on to the next stage they have to mix the current playing staff with some proven top quality players to and that would cost money.I think such as Lenard and Holmes will given time prove good buys but they could do with a pre season with Wilder .The point is Utd have some good players who are in the last throws of their careers in the name of Duffy ,Sharp ,Clarke and they will need replacing shortly which will cost money.It all depends on who is spending it .Football is littered with clubs who have pushed the boat out regarding paying big money and ending up regretting it .Coventry, Bolton,Blackburn,Hull,Sunderland,Sheff Wed.Have all been in there without any improvement ,some have gone backwards some nearly gone bust.Blackpool is another who not so long age had only 6 players on the books and not knowing where the other players were coming from so caution is a must when you have to start spending more than you ever had to before and remember you can still pay big money for a STAR and still get garbage.So having a manager who knows his stuff is a must and I just hope the board at Sheff 2 understand they have one already.


    So going from perennial relegation strugglers to two top 6 finishes isn't an improvement :hihi::hihi: we've had a bad un this season but signs for the coming seasons are good, don't talk rubbish.

  10. I posted similar about when Mandaric bought Wednesday. Post disappeared immediately, yet your's survives. Tells you a lot about this forum unfortunately.


    To be fair it was a united poster that painted the gloomy picture, we were just jokingly saying we hope it happens.


    ---------- Post added 30-04-2018 at 10:06 ----------


    You joined around 5 years after the Manderic takeover ;-)




    Wilder still continued after these players even when the aim was different.

    If he didn't think they could push us on, then he shouldn't have signed them.


    His choice, not the boards.

    The only facts we can go on is that he got the players in he wanted and the board backed him with those funds.


    As for being a shoe string budget, it's hardly that. A loss is returned each year.


    If thats the only budget he had its all he could have done. Signing new players gives the club a lift usually, signing no one would have sent out very negative vibes.

  11. He has targeted 2 of the 4 for a long time now. Neither has done anything of note so far.


    To be fair though at the time these players were targetted consolidation was the aim, the start of the season showed much more than that could be achieved and he did say he hoped the board matched his ambition in January. When he sees the good gates the club are getting and money coming in from previous transfers and he's managing on a shoe string you can understand his frustration.

  12. If that happens I'll abseil naked down from the south stand.


    Not listened to the interview, as my internet connect here is terrible, but I've got the gist of everything said.


    Few views from me.


    It looks like he is trying to force the boards hand. But he does need to be careful.

    He has chosen the players in January and of the 4, there is only one who has given us a decent return.

    Wilder has been fantadyic for us in the short time he has been our mamager, but that doesn't give him carte Blanche to say what he wants in public. Sometimes you don't need to publicly have a go at people. It's akin to girls on Facebook posting status' about the kids dad's not stepping up to the plate.


    Maybe he only chose the players in January that his allocated budget allowed him to.

  13. United are, but Sunderland have Parachute money!


    Anyway, just seen that the new Sunderland owner Stewart Donald took Wilder to Oxford and the Wilder/Donald family's are very close.


    I’m sure I read somewhere that Sunderland have spent all the parachute money in advance, could be wrong. Haven’t they just had a takeover?


    A big club like Sunderland will want an instant return to the Championship and there’s no better manager to deliver that at the moment than Wilder, I’ll be shocked if they don’t make an approach.

  14. He wants sensible money for next season,he will want the same wherever he goes,he's had money in the JTW and played one player out of the 4 he brought in,does he know how to spend money wisely would be the question that he needs to answer........he hasn't had big amounts all his managerial time,he has questions to answer about his JTW dealing,other teams in the Championship did better with their deals for the same kind of money that he had.


    Do you really think he’d have made the impassioned speech he made yesterday if he’d got what he wanted in Jan, really?

  15. Well,it looks like Sunderland are about to be taken over,so maybe they can be sorted.I think Wilder would drop a division to go there,if he trusted the new owners and got assurances about money to spend when they got back up.

    He dropped down to the bottom of L2 when he left Oxford to go to Northampton,and they could have gone out of the league,so I can't see why he wouldn't drop a division to a big club who are on loan there for a season.


    You’ve been saying all season he doesn’t need to spend money!!


    Badgers toe nails 1-0 United fans

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