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  1. Does anyone know if Barclays Bank on Middlewood Road is still open as I heard it was closing.
  2. Can anyone recommend someone who could do me a fitted wardrobe in my bedroom and wouldn't charge the earth, thank you.
  3. Please can anyone recommend a bespoke tailor in Sheffield that doesn't charge the earth to make a men's suit! Thank you
  4. It worked for 3 days after it had been repaired but after that it just stopped, it would not record and just went off. We paid £550 for the unit 2 years ago and it was fitted by New-Channels based in Sheffield 13.
  5. Thanks to all of you, it is a Swann Model SRNVR-87300H Power Supply 48v. We took it to Real Electronics on Leeds Road, they charged me £35, they fitted a new "Sater LED" and reformatted the drive but it still failed
  6. I'm looking for a recommendation for getting my home CCTV recorder repaired. I would also be pleased to know of any companies NOT to go to, hope someone can help, thank you.
  7. hi Tez, Was your grandma Mrs Cowell cos I remember her living in that yard, she was really nice, I think she worked at Darwins like my dad .....her garden was full of marigolds and she used to let me and Lizzie hunt for Caterpillars in them! I was also in the same class as Mavis and Janet so we must know each other.....I can remember a lot of the others in the class too, Serelle is only my name on here so if you want to pm me we could have a chat xx
  8. Does anyone know if the Farmfoods in Hillsborough will be closing when the new one opposite Asda Chaucer Road opens......
  9. Does anyone have any strawberry plants for sale or know where I can get some, preferably round S6 area, I've tried some supermarket gardening sections without success, I only want a few - thank you.
  10. I also remember a Melias at Tinsley 'on the front' as Kay1 says, not sure if it was a Maypole before that as there was a Maypole store round there at one time....I remember going in with my mum when I was little, but she did most of her grocery shopping then at 'the Stores' which was the B&C Co-op at the end of the row next to Bawtry Road, there was also a Co-op butchers and chemist there. Steels bakers shop, Mr Eales newsagent and Ryves chemist were among other shops we often visited.
  11. I'm looking for somewhere really nice to leave my 2 cats for a few days, can anyone recommend a good cattery (used recently) where they have pens with outside runs, I live in S6....thank you
  12. Can anyone remember the old shops that used to be on Kilner Way? I know there was once a Currys, Comet, MFI, Glyn Webb, Gateway Supermarket that became Somerfields, and an American Diner......
  13. I bought a portable unit a few years ago for about £250. It can be a bit noisy but it's brilliant to have a nice cool lounge on a really hot day. For the bedroom I have a portable air cooler which has lots of settings and an ioniser, also you can fill the container inside with water and frozen plastic ice packs to make the air blown out even cooler
  14. We used to visit the Sicey Restaurant in the 80s, it was lovely with trees etc. .....the food and the staff were really nice too.
  15. Chitts, your mum might have known my Uncle Keith, he worked for Averys at Snig Hill until his untimely death in 1974. He drove one of the green vans checking scales in shops and firms. Then he bought a new Reliant 3-wheeler car as he loved them and used that for work.
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