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  1. i found my sister emma palmer. so its all good and i know where my mum is. thanks for all youre help everyone.
  2. Thankyou for that. i really appreciate it. I have an address, 283 derby road in sheffield, for lindsey Price, but i am not sure it is hers.
  3. hi, i got an address off 192.com, but Stephen does not live at the address anymore. i really need some more help, as i have done all i can.
  4. high, i spoke to Ross Bray not lond ago, but he has had no contact with my mother for 12years
  5. yes, i lived on parson's cross, when i ws a baby with my dad though so can't remember
  6. I really need to find lindsey price. Hermaiden name is palmer. She was once married to my dad carl hooley. i have not seen her or heard from her for 17 odd years. please help me find her.
  7. i stll have not had anylook, i have paid too much money already to find her, and still have no DEFINATE ADDRESS. please, ifyou can tell me any more. i don't want tolive the rest ofmy life not knowing her at all. its looking that way. i'm loosing hope, slowly but surely.
  8. yes i have just read them, and are very helpful thanks, however i would like to get in touch with her most recent husband as im sure he will know her whereabouts. i suppose i need his number somehow. I have tried 192 website and it has no address for Lindsey Price or any number. i am grateful for any more information, thanks
  9. hi, thanks for that. I rang sheffield social services, they are sending me a form which; if i fill in, i may be able to access records for my mother. I told them my situation. they also suggested that i join the forum.
  10. i have already got as much as i can off him, but thanks for the advice.
  11. My full name is clare amy hooley. I am looking for my mum. I haven't seen her for artond 17 years or so. so i can't even remember what she looks like.I have been living with my dad for the last 17 years. His name is Carl Trevor Hooley. I really want to find her. I was born on June 2nd 1990, yes it was my 18th birthday yesterday, and i've never recieved so much as a card for any of my birthdays. I am not expecting my mother to give me a big hug, or to tell me she's sorry, i am just curious about her, what type of person she is etc. If anyone knows her?!! all i know is her last assress was the one where she lived with me and my dad,on crumpsall road, i think. Before she took me to social services whilst my dad was at work.
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