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  1. been to view one, not a bad little car but a bit basic and plasticky inside, looking at suzuki swifts now, seen a sport one, right nice
  2. The Casa at Cheterfield has a suite with a hot tub on the balcony
  3. :hihi: thats what we say, my sister has got one shes only 40
  4. trying convince the OH to let me have a Fox but he says its the same car as the Jazz
  5. Can anyone tell if the VW Fox and Honda Jazz are the same car different badges?
  6. my cat had this, she also has asthma, i took her to the vets and they gave her an injection and she no longer has it (she was a rescue so stressed out) as for the asthma she copes well with this (they told me to give her my inhaler) you try spraying something into a cats mouth, its not happening and i am not stressing her, good luck and hope it clears up soon
  7. i wouldn't have thought that would be advisable if its going to be unattended?
  8. Signed petition but not watched video. Picture on petition page makes me feel sick enough, words can;t describe how i feel about people like these, lets do it to them and see how they feel
  9. How much do you need? We have the green styroform types ones from work
  10. just got back from the doctors and i have rhinitis, got a nose spray, lets hope this helps
  11. The only real side effect i got was being irratable, i am now on only 10mg every other day and this seems to be working, although i do forget to take it often so think it may be time to reduce to next stage, good luck and keep with it
  12. i'm still made up with it!! sneezing and just bunged up, going to drs next week, had it long enough now, just been steaming with vics and it helps but just get bunged again as soon as i stop
  13. I went to chemist and bought a nose inhaler, vicks vapour rub, lozenges(however u spell it) and sudafed nose spray, the spray has helped alot but still not right. I also have asthma so have to be careful what i take, if not gone by next week will go to doctors and see what they say
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