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  1. Very sad news. My thoughts go to the family and close friends. However, RedRobbo would be pleased as an attender of the meets to see he had brought so many old Forummers together again on here. RIP John x
  2. As usual, I had a great Tramlines. Friday was a right off for me due to personal reasons so my main gripe was about myself! Saturday-didn't get a wristband. Saw: Early Cartographers -wonderous as ever -at the folk forest then stayed for captives on the carousel. Made my way down to the Fat Cat for the annual Everly pregnant bros excellent shindig. Then I had to dip out for a couple of hours for a previous engagement. Back to the Rutland to watch Pete Green Over to west street live to catch the end of input to main. Finally to the catherdral to watch nadine shah. Then I was tired so I went home. Sunday I got a day wristband Dev green for clean EPB Tigerworks for skyligers Domino hall for c is for calculus Peace gardena for a bit Inpromptu steve edwards and joe and sydney blow your bubbles on division street rave which was brilliant -a great stumble upon moment. Dev green for slow club Harley for witch hunt Harley for department m who were the band I had looked forward to all weekend Queens social for sweet baboo and then finally summer camp. Yes, I too missed the big names of previous years but Tramlines is what you make it.
  3. Tramlines is my favourite weekend in Sheffield. It's usually the start of the holidays and I always have fun. I've been every year and see a mix of friends' bands, local bands, big name acts - it's rare I go for the current ones but saw Reverend last year. Usually the Sunday night big name has been a band I really like - We are Scientists, Ash, Echo and the Bunnymen and, to a lesser extent, Reverend in the first year, have all floated my boat. I expect the Sunday night headliners will be more of the same this year. (Feeder? Please say yes!) I will go. I have signed up to be a Tramliner already. I have no quarms about paying the £15. I hope it keeps some of the complainers away, people who go, ooh it's not very good is it? It's excellent, just don't expect to sit on Dev Green and like every act! Seek out the smaller venues, go on the bus (always my favourite:D ) go to the forest. Live at leeds, which is the most similar festival to Tramlines that I attend, operate using a wristband service that you collect. That's been £20 for A DAY with a few events happening on the Sunday and for the big name band that's played in the square up there, it's been a normal ticket price on top. So really, we're not that hard done to. I've got into most stuff I've wanted to there, except one year when I wanted to see Grammatics, who were playing before the Maccabees and everyone had gone in early so we had no chance! I am shocked in some of my gig going friends' reactions though. Some of them are saying they will wait, buy day tickets and seem very unhappy with Tramlines' decision when I thought they'd be feeling exactly the same as me. We seem very divided in our opinion. So at the moment, I'm wondering if I won't enjoy it as much if lots of my friends aren't out. It's one of those weekends where you can go where YOU personally want as there will usually be someone there that you know and can stand and have fun with, rather than feeling you have to go everywhere in a big group. It's good to see a couple of friends on here being supportive of the decision
  4. Our Cow Molly have it..Fairly sure Holland & Barratt do it too.
  5. How awful and probably not the attacker's intention. My condolences to the family.
  6. I went to the preview (with Rad) and really enjoyed it. Not read the book but it did raise a tear to my eye. Definitely not a children's film though so anyone taking kids along expecting Jungle book 2012 will be sadly disappointed.
  7. There's not one true picture of a pair of Rebina shoes or a Rebina carrier bag. They are like a Sheffield urban shoe myth.The company is still on the companies house book but i'd love to see a photo of some or even better be able to buy a second hand pair! (Hate the word vintage to describe something from the 80's!)
  8. I presume you'll have some luggage and so you don't really want to be lugging that. It is in the lap of the gods when you book a taxi and so I think the booking for an hour before you are due to get there sounds good with a timely half hour reminder or is there a train an hour before you could aim to catch, with the bonus of an extra hour airport shopping, so you could catch the later train if the taxi doesn't turn up?
  9. Just to wish the former Moderator Kristian and his partner Meaks a happy Nuptials today. Both of them are old forummers and I know some old skool people may wish to wish them well. Love you both. See you in a couple of hours xx
  10. I've lived in the area (Aston and currently Aughton) for most of my life. I have always felt safe here, can always get parked on my drive or outside my house, it's very useful for the motorway and to get to Chesterfield, Meadowhall, Centretainment and crystal peaks and it's not far to Rother Valley. Plus you pay Rotherham council tax but have a Sheffield address and phone number! A few ok pubs although I don't go to them very often and there are good walks down Ulley and to Rother Valley. We also rarely get the snow as bad as most of Sheffield and we don't get flooded. (Although last year it was awful snow for us all!) Downbits? It's quite dear in a taxi after a night out and the buses aren't great but they do run. Nearest trams are Meadowhall or Crystal Peaks which are a bit pants. Schools are generally good, I don't work here but I am in education. I went to them. (Aston Lodge and Aston Comp) It has its rough bits like anywhere but crime rate is low and so insurance seems to be lower than lots of parts of Sheffield. I'd defo recommend it unless you are out every night in town.
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