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  1. we have just recently bought a dell laptop second hand from a private seller we saw it working but since we have got it home we have managed to loose the password to get us in ,we can get on as a guest but are locked out of the internet .yes we have tried contacting the seller but never answers anyone help
  2. food is now £4.95 for a main meal instead of almost £9 and the word is the beer is on the way down aswell and it still is quality beer top marks from us
  3. people were slating the crown inn at totley a few months ago well i tried it again this week and i was pleasantly surprised, they have changed their menu and reduced prices and the food was brill and the bill at the end was even better. so broody if you still want to know what the crown inn is like try it you will be surprised
  4. brill will try and sort something and let you know many thanks
  5. i have my grandsons christening on sunday an my venue for after has cancelled does any one know where i could hold one for around 20 people at short notice around greenhill
  6. my friend lives right across the road from her the only people that was seen going to that house was two young men (late teens)my friends son and mine often saw them coming and going and also thought they lived there .my heart goes out to to family but also if they were the only contact she had why had she been left in such a state if they knew the care people were no longer there for her.i am sure if it was your parent you wouldnt leave them even if you wanted them to keep their dignity it dosnt quite add up.they knew she couldnt bath and toilet herself ,so they fed and watered her and left her to it.i hope they sleep well at night as i hope and pray if i ever get in that unfortunate way that there is someone there for me god bless her .
  7. my daughter has recently been given a house on deerlands avenue, it hasnt been habital yet but they have spent a few hundred pounds on decorating and carpets for her to go and put the finishing touches on her home to find the kitchen window completly taken out ,the back door kicked in ,the boiler nicked and all the decorateing nackered. the police were on that rd saturday morning when they found the house .they reported it for the police to come out 8 hours later because they had been seeing to something quite gruesome were the words off the cop that had been on the rd .sunday morning there was a forensic tent on the back garden of the house higher up from my daughters,you carnt tell me there is nothing wrong with parson cross as the cops and council both have said today it isnt the best place for a couple with a baby as it has the worst rate for drugs and burgalaries .i grew up on the manor and my family still live there and it isnt a patch on the cross.how many is it that have been fatally wounded this year in that area this year?
  8. well i hope its all over by now ,if so i hope they are both doing well .if not hope its not to much longer for the three of you im thinking of you all.
  9. think im more excited for you than i was for my own six but they did pop out with in 1 an a half hours to 3 hours at the most .my mum says that is why i have so many cos i shell them like peas lol good luck
  10. my sister makes cake for all occasions she has made them for lots of people even for the opening ceremony of endcliffe toilets by the lord mayor if you need it she has a web site
  11. goodluck hope its quick when he decides to make an entrance
  12. crown inn totley all homemade food sunday roasts fresh veg daily a little expensive but excellent food and massive plates full.
  13. gordon was also outside the city hall around 3.45pm yesterday he had a chat to my daughter he was filming kitchen nightmares then very kindly had his photo taken with her very nice man .
  14. many thanks i will go and try louise ta
  15. I am looking to change hair salons and I have heard from a few people that Emmetts on Woodseats is worth trying. Has anyone been and could inform me of their experience there?
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