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  1. can anybody reccomend a glazer who could fit soundproof/accoustic glass, the neighbours who live opposite are driving me beserk with constant loud music, shouting and swearing i need an upstairs bedroom window replacing, it's double glazed supposedly but you can hear every noise and it's drenched with condensation in the winter it's also very draughty, I'm just checking at the moment because I'll need permission from the council first prior to fitting. I'm at my witts end with the noise!
  2. Have 2 bed house on bowden wood s9 Looking for 2 bed semi or end terrace in intake. Waterthorpe. Basegreen and other nice areas. Not looking for parsons cross. Shire green. Westfield. Manor or arbourthorne
  3. Property Offered 2 bed house Area: s9 bowden wood Type of Property: (House) 2 bed end terrace house Number of Bedrooms: 2 Landlord: (Council / HA) sheffield city council Any other information: 2 bed end terrace on a small quiet estate, bowden wood s9, off road parking, nice neighbours, nicely decorated and carpetted, small front and large back garden. Property Wanted Area:basegreen/intake/birley/frechville/ richmond/some areas of hackenthorpe, may consider rural areas, and other nice areas considered. Type of Property: (House) house Number of Bedrooms:2 Landlord: (Council)council Any other information: prefer off road parking, but not essential if its the right house or right area. need an end terrace or semi detached only. must have garden area and have nice neighbours.
  4. Can anybody reccomend somebody who can do a dropped kerb who has the adequate required liability insurance and could offer some advice on laying a drive on a small side garden. am i right in thinking you only need the liability insurance for the dropped kerb and NOT the drive, basically what i'm asking is i realise it has to be a council approved contractor for the dropped kerb but i could choose who i'd like to do the drive? i have the planning permission approved in principle and i'm at present just looking for advice and free quotes for the work if anybody can help. thanks
  5. Hi, have considered burning it but wouldn't for the exact reasons in the link another member posted. don't think my neighbours would appreciate it too much either lol only other option i can think of is putting it into a skip so it can be recycled, anybody got any reccomendations/suggestions on skip hire? thanks
  6. hi, can anybody reccomend anyone to remove some garden waste for me, i have quite a lot of waste to remove, mainly branches, clippings, brambles etc, some branches too big for green bin and if i kept using the green bin i'd still be filling it in a few months time! garden is well overgrown, theres no rubble or stones just green waste, can't be too expensive as i'm only on benefits through illness. or would a skip hire be any better do you think? just trying to figure out which would be cheapest for me, don't really have problems cutting the garden its just removal of the waste. any recccomendations or advice appreciated.
  7. Hi thanks for the reply, is it possible mistakes could happen with the bidding, you know somebody may get forgotton about or are they pretty good with the sorting out procedure? thanks for the reply i really appreciate it.
  8. Hi There, i just wondered, when bidding on coucil houses i bid online, is there a maximum number you can bid on? i do bid on a fair few and say for instance i bidded on 15 properties would only a small number of my bids be considered and the rest ignored? hope that makes sense? and does what number you put in the preference bit make a difference? what i mean is say i put a property i bidded on at preference number 10 and i had a better waiting time than somebody else yet they put preference 1 would they be offered it first? can things happen like that? hope it all makes sense! apologies if not! thanks again.
  9. Wow, wonder why it took them so long to offer it you if you bidded at the beginning of may? so sorry its not right for you, i should imagine its a real struggle trying to find a suitable home. sorry i cant help with your question its not an area i'm familiar with. wishing you lots of luck you find something real soon!
  10. Hi there, i have a question regarding priority housing and wondered if anybody could help please. I have been given a 4 week priority letter which stated that i would be offered one offer of accomodation for myself and child, the date my priority started from was 26th june i have been bidding online every week on numerous properties but of yet have heard nothing, is this the norm they say 4 weeks but it actually might be longer? what happens now that the 4 weeks have passed does it automatically get renewed i've heard nothing at all since i got my priority letter, should i be worried? or do i need to ring them up and remind them? i haven't just been bidding on certain areas i've bidded far and wide and on quite a few properties too. hope somebody can help with my questions or offer some advice, thankyou in advance.
  11. ahh right ok, are you needing to be in the shiregreen area, have you got family there etc? hope you get something real soon, sounds a bit of a nightmare.
  12. Hiya, i can't help with your question i'm afraid, but was just wondering with you saying you'd been offered a property at shiregreen and its unsuitable and got damp problems, was it one you bid on yourself or was it one that they bid on for you? hope somebody with some knowledge answers your question soon, sorry i can't be of any help, but good luck with everything!
  13. Hi there, on this weeks sheffield property shop newspaper (the guide were council houses are advertised) on the back page where it gives you the results of properties let on the registration/priority date bit what do the 3 letter abbreviations mean please? (next to the dates let) i can see dtr, nap, utr, map, dap, and mtr i'm puzzled what they are i've never seen them before, hope somebody can clear it up for me thanks in advance!
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