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  1. Must be on again today as they have just come down penistone road again.
  2. Hey guys im wondering if anyone knows how old a laptop roughly has to be to be able to support Pixel shader 3.0 that i require for a new game i have been looking at recently please?
  3. These came in my kit but also came with rawl plugs so I thought they had to be used too. Guess not. Thanks for the reply. When I was drilling the dust is black so im guessing cinder block? Doesn't say cinder block on what it can be used for so im not sure on those.
  4. Hey guys what are the best wall anchors to buy as when I have drilled the wall I have gone about 25-30mm and then its gone into what maybe the cavity then into brick again. I have tried the bolts and rawl plugs that came with the mount kit but am not happy they will hold it and am thinking that it may be cinder block? Anyway I have decided I am going to use wall anchors inside the hole for extra strength and just wondered if anyone could recommend any I can purchase on my way home tonight please? This is on a side wall of my house in my bedroom not a studwall etc. Thanks
  5. I have they cant get to me until Monday. Cheers though
  6. Hi does anyone know where I can get a 19kg propane cylinder (full) but pay by company cheque and also have it delivered to S6 please? Thanks
  7. Will do cheers ---------- Post added 01-11-2014 at 15:13 ---------- It's a dead card
  8. Not that I have seen. I'm taking the card to be tested in another machine then I will have more info. Cheers
  9. Sorted now thanks but do you sell gpu just in case mine is dead. Something like the gt610?
  10. I tried cpu-z last night it only showed the on board Gma. I also flashed the bios and cleared the cmos. In the bios I have it set to the PEG setting not auto but have tried both.
  11. Hi it's a dell optiplex 330 system with pci e 16x slot. The card is pci e 2.0 but I have been told it would work. Also no beep a and no post just saying not populated in bios and no signal when plugged into the card.
  12. Hi guys how do i tell if my graphics card is dead as i bought it off here but when i have plugged it into the pci e slot it isn't being recognised so i'm thinking its a dead card. Thanks
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