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  1. Do you seriously think they stole ALL the doors and bonnet to get to a GPS in the glove box (did they have x ray specs?) Each door is worth loads more than a GPS. There are loads of Land Rovers being stripped of parts these days. Partly due to the fact that they are bolted together like meccano.
  2. 10 hours of film and 10 hours of music - can't wait !!!
  3. Just heard that Andrew Weatherall will be DJing at Warps big party at Magna. Must be years since he last played in Sheffield. GET IN THERE!
  4. Got my ticket! Hope Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine will be there!
  5. did anyone else just hear on Simon Mayo's broadcast from the Crucible that Warp Films are doing a big event at Magna - a live re-score of Dead Man's Shoes?
  6. Had a Cannondale Bad Boy Deore 2011 stolen a couple of weeks ago from my garage. Broomhill area. I think these are quite rare as I haven't seen anyone else riding one in Sheffield. Size small.
  7. Yes, Kill List was filmed in Sheffield and produced by a Sheffield company, Warp.
  8. Warp Films: Dead Mans Shoes This is England Four Lions Submarine Kill List Tyrannosaur Be proud.....
  9. Have to agree, Manzils is fantastic. Great for veggies too. At last a consistent Indian take away....so many others are good one time then awful the next.
  10. We are considering having our original sash windows renovated by Ventrolla. Just wondered if anyone on here has had theirs done, and what your views are? I don't want to hear from 'experts' telling me to get uPVC or replacement sashes or the joys of double glazing, just people who have used Ventrolla in Sheffield. I have seen that the Girls High School and Leopold Hotel and also Sarah Beeney in her stately home used them and gave good feedback, but I'm more interested in normal people with normal houses. Thanks
  11. We recently had a downstairs loo put in and we can't recommend Sam from Dearne Plumbing and Jim the joiner from JB Properties enough. Totally stress free experience. Sam spent ages researching the right solution for us but was always happy to discuss other options too.
  12. I'm sorry but it does them good, and since when did kids not like going out in the snow? Just walked up to Nether Green school through the snow and my daughter loved it. School was open every day last week too.
  13. the prices in the windows are not a bargain, but I agree if you have cash or finance in place and are not in a chain you can offer anywhere up to 25% off the listed price and they will listen to you There are so may vendors out ther who have had chains collapse on them and are desperate fill your boots, and be prepared to be a bit ruthless it is investment after all
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