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  1. There is a place opposite the uni that does them. The wig shop....
  2. The BNP are stupid idiots, but they seem to be doing quite a good job of ripping themselves apart on their own at the moment so I wouldn't worry.
  3. No it's the GREEN ones. They're the best, like fruit pastilles innit.
  4. You should meet my Sindy. And I reckon she's Polish as well.
  5. Yeah, but you should meet my teddy bear. He's a right evil b*stard.
  6. The Scots are all white but I still reckon they're all gits.
  7. No it's not. It's about people rowing about owning the means of production to make cheese strings. Everybody wants a bit of Kerrygold.
  8. I thought this was a thread for racism. I'm really disappointed it's not. Regardless, all I wanted to say is that my husband is a fat lazy drunk illlterate Irish git who can't stop buying semtex and blowing people up. And all the Irish are utter ****s. (Not really, he's lovely)
  9. According to the Star there was a fight in MacDonalds. A teenager was stabbed twice and ran from MacDonalds to HSBC bleeding. His friends tried to put him in a cab but the cab driver wouldn't let him in because he was bleeding badly. Passers by had called an ambulance, the ambulance turned up and took him to the Northern General. He was apparently very ill but improved over night and is now out of danger.
  10. You have quite a high opinion of your own intelligence don't you? Word of advice: don't. You sound like a pompous windbag.
  11. But if the local bobby went and told kids parents what they were up to there are some parents these days who would t*** the bobby for grassing them up!
  12. According to the Star his condition has improved a lot overnight and he is now out of danger.
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