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  1. Can't understand how anyone can go above 25 on that road and still have an intact car at the end of it!
  2. I feel for the OP, I did exactly the same some months back. Needed a washer to tide me over for a few months and found a 'company' under the guise of South Yorkshire Appliances on Gumtree. Picked one of the washers advertised and arranged delivery. The washer wasn't cheap, it was £100 with a 12 month warranty. The guy delivering said he was really busy, so dropped the washer and shot straight off. He took my old washer away as well, and wouldnt knock me the promised tenner off my bill for it. The washer worked fine for a bit, but I soon realised it wasn't the washer I'd asked for. It was only a 5kg (which was absolutely no use to me - the one I thought I'd paid for was an 8kg), but I only discovered this after I was a bit stricken by the size of the drum and only found out after googling the model number. It then started playing up, making horrendous banging noises and not running through programmes properly. I still had the receipt for the warranty, so phoned the number given to be told it was no longer a valid number. I looked all over Gumtree to find the company but couldn't find any trace of them, only ads that looked suspiciously like the one I'd answered. After scrapping that machine, I bit the bullet and bought a brand new one from Currys. Moral of the story is DONT TRUST SOUTH YORKSHIRE APPLIANCES! Or any other 'company' on Gumtree for that matter.
  3. Does anyone know who owns the two empty shops on Middlewood Road, where it meets Catchbar Lane? They both look used only for storage. One used to be a take away and the other a cats shelter shop. Does anyone know who I could get in touch with to find out? Thanks in advance!
  4. Yep! That's ^^^ when my little one came running in, crying "there's a balloon with boobies mommy!"
  5. Are you still looking for people to share with? I'm looking into keeping chickens, etc and am in S6
  6. Yes Charlie, it deffo sommot I don't want to go through again! I'm 6" 1 and 16stone so if they will have ago at me they will have ago at most others! So ppl please becarefull,
  7. Police say its been noted, but unfortunately because I did not get a good enough look at them to be able to I'd em! There's not a lot they can do at this point, so basically if they do catch someone they need em to admit it to press charges against, I'm just glad it was a old rod n reel I use for stalking! That's 1 venue off my cards now!!
  8. Me and a few mates going back over later, if we see em we going to get the money's worth of tackle back, but not in cash, in f**king blood, and if the police have seen this? Im only joking course I'll phone the police! Honest!
  9. There is the pond across road from butlins it's self it's the site with the cable water ski on
  10. Was out on a pond by rothervally, doing abit of stalking, don't know name of pond only that it's close to the country park, anyway was plodding round as you do when I saw 4/5 lads,all 18/25ish, who I just thought was messing round as youngens do! When all of a suden a got a wack on the top of my arm, and was grabbed by 2/3 of em while the others run to a dark van with my tackle, as soon as my stuff was loaded the legged me up and run off into a moving van side door and drive off, I did not see em good enough to be able to recognise em again, so not a lot I can do! BUT I CAN WARN ALL OF YOU,
  11. WARNING,, was up on this Place last night and had some tackle took by 4/5 travellers, all with weapons,(bruised arm to prove)so please becarefull, I've phoned the police and cos I can't I'd em there's not a lot they can do, GUTTED, thankfully it was my first time and only took a stalking set up and not not full set up, or I would have lost everything? There was nothing I could have done, there was 4/5 of the dirty so n so's, they had obviously done it B4 as they had some kind of van with a driver ready to go! I even heard em walk past saying my shim reel looked nice, did not think owt of it till after, they even walked round the place first to see if anyone was about, but at the time I didn't think owt of it just thought they was looking round the place! Please be carefull,
  12. always found here to be good for hemp/pells/ground bait, cheap aswell,
  13. as far as I know the carp are still in but herrins have had rest on hills park! and if you went to he first carpark pond on rivlin, there is a few in but only a few, as all the pike had them! quite a few pike tho if that tickles ya fancey?
  14. Sorry should have maid it clearer at first, Thanks tho!
  15. Yeah I knew it was engine oil I needed, but it was witch kind? But thanks for all the help chaps!!
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