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  1. I have about 8 carrier bags full of 80's 90's videos, some box office and tv stuff and i'm wondering if anyone knows of someone or somewhere that can make use of them. Maybe a residential home or someone who collects them? We may be able to deliver them if you can let me have contact details, Cheers
  2. This post made me remember an incident that happened in the 70's when myself and younger brother went to see santa in a very posh department store. Santa : Hello little boy, and whats your name? Brother : John Santa ( not his real name! ) Santa: And have you been good this year? My Brother( On Santa's knee) : Yes I have Santa Santa : Very Good, and what would you like to be when you grow up? Brother : A Robber !!!!! :o
  3. Listen to Radio Sheffield, they read a list of which schools are open/closed every morning.
  4. I agree the 16 yr old couldnt have done anything on his own without getting himself into trouble, so why have a go at them?
  5. Heard about this on the radio this morning. Have a look at bbc website, theres info on there about it too.
  6. Finally got through to groupon, awaiting outcome now.
  7. I have nothing bad to say about the company but would like to know if anyone else has had trouble contacing them. The website gives you 2 choices..... email ... which i did, a week ago and still no reply.......or call them.... which i have, last week and 7 times today......each time costing me money ... and still no answer! Im getting highly frustrated now, do they expect you to just go away or keep trying at your own expense? Anyone else had this problem at all?
  8. Hi You could try contacting Sam Charlesworth at The walkley Community Centre, they have lots of different rooms and are very reasonable about prices, so even if its not competely free it wont cost the earth. I rented a room for £20 for 2 hours and you could use some of the proceeds to pay for this. They have a website that you can contact her on. Good Luck with your event !
  9. You can get the hospital bus i think from the bus station right into the grounds, runs every half hour and is alot cheaper than normal public transport.
  10. I was so sorry to read about this, how despicable can people get? Its terrible the things people do to animals and when its for financial gain through deception its a hundred times worse. I truly hope you are able to track her down, and that the person in question is brought to justice ! How she can get away this, and be known for doing it with no action being taken against her is beyond me!
  11. I wouldnt have thought so but you could give them a call to check. I think they rely on the custom from the bar to cover the cost but im not 100% sure.Hoping to get there myself actually.
  12. Theres one advertised at the Nether Edge Tavern for 5th November.
  13. I have posted about this before, they were round here a couple of weeks ago in s6. I am also noticing the amount of things being reoprted stolen on here......... most of them metal!! ....... doesnt take much of a brian to put 2 and 2 together! It seems these people dont ask, just take, so keep your eye out for them. I have info about the van i saw, which was also a white one, and im wondering if it s proabably the same one. If anyone needs to discuss this further, PM me.
  14. Hi Zara99, We go out on pick-up / deliveries after 6pm weekdays so will keep an eye out as we cover lots of areas of sheffield on our travels. Hope he gets it back soon.
  15. As in the other posts i would say stay where you are,but maybe ask the council if they have anything smaller in your area ?
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