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  1. In that case the middle aged woman is lucky she will be still have a chance of being an old aged woman. Shame on you Middle Aged Woman.
  2. Thats right Gordon, how perceptive off you. I wish i had only a 10th of your wisdom.
  3. Ahhhhh shame, you really missed out. Can some one please get this person a mad guy from the 70's that stands at the side of the road shaking their fist.
  4. Can we confirm the middle aged woman did indeed jump the red light. This is based on one eye wittness. Who may well be one of those mad chaps that stands at side of roads shaking his fist from the 70's.
  5. Never get ahead by giving head to the man. Lord knows I've tried !
  6. WEll this is the whole point of using an instructer, they learn you to drive at test standard, its not rocket science and unfortuantly theirs no way round it. I will admit that once passed you then go on to learn more about driving and usually find your own style but you just have to learn first to test standard. Im not an instructer and I do sympathise with you because I found it so hard myself but the quicker you realise theirs no easy way, the better for you. I dont think youve helped yourself by driving without proper training. Get some lessons booked and forget what you think you know about driving and take absolutely everything on board that the instructer teaches you about passing the test.
  7. So if they disscover how WE and possibilly the Universe is made this not going to tell us how to cure " the little things " like cancer, some people ! Also to take a point with some people saying we are overstepping ourselves with God. I say maybe its part of the plan, for us to solve the puzzle and be closer to him / she / it. Just a thought.
  8. If you google Redmires Prisoner of war camp their's quite a bit of stuff on there. Seems their was a camp in WW1 and WW2, with a aircraft landing strip next to it. I seem to remember they were Italians that were based there, last time I looked up the matter. Most probabally a lot of stuff already on here if you do a search. Oh and the cabin next to the Sportsman pub is one of the barrack buildings that was moved there before they knocked the camp down and planted the wood.
  9. Hi all, Our twin girls will be growing up and starting school next year and I was just looking for opinions on schools in our area. they may well end up going to Hallam, Lydgate or Nethergreen. Any thoughts on the above schools would be greatly appriciated. Ta.M.
  10. Tried it , unsuccesful Im afraid. It's driving me mad:confused:
  11. Just bumping this one up as Im still having problems Its a WD My Book Essential Drive. Anybody any ideas ?
  12. So donations paying their mortgage so that they can both be off work un paid and living in Portugal for near on 6 months in a desperate attempt to find their missing 4 year old daughter IS NOT HELPING ?!? How else are they supposed to use the donation fund ? Come on you self rightous lot tell us exactly what is the right way to spend this charity. Idiots:loopy: I dont care what their class situation is, just think yourself lucky its not one of your children. Actually I bet those early daft comments came from people without kids. Stop reading papers, they know no more than us !
  13. Well the drive still works, as it still reads and utilises all the MP3 files on there from I Tunes etc.... I just cant physically open it up to organise. Whats a drive housing ?
  14. Yep , this works and the c nd D drive work fine but how did you reolve the problem as I still need to access the external F drive ?
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