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  1. I am currently in employment but another company has asked if I will do some extra work for them at home in my workshop can anyone tell me what I need to do ? Who do I need to inform? Do the council need to know etc ?
  2. I am in a job but they send out there welding wanting a course to go on so we can weld in house instead of sending it out the courses I've looked at are just once a week at night wanting to know if there is a course that quicker that's all
  3. Looking for crash course in tig welding can anyone suggest anywhere number or suggestions please
  4. Hi I worked for them for 12 years it's hard work at first you have timed slots and every parcel needs to be that day no holiday or sick pay. You have to get your own cover for holidays and its 6 days a week I left for another job full benefits and I should have done it years ago I'd never go back. Good luck !
  5. HI thanks I can do all types of metals ive done everything from bath feet to motorbike parts !! Im just wanting more work ive placed adverts on few bike website and had no replys
  6. I am thinking about starting a Linishing and Polishing business up. I have all the equipment and have over 20 years experince. I am having trouble getting orders and into companies thou. If anyone has any advice or suggestions or wants to help me please message me.
  7. Hi Yes i can do your polishing Have you any more details about the item you want polishing??? Stainless Steel is good for me. My mobile is 07919 593487 Steve
  8. And i am a surgical instrument maker too !!!! have been for over 20 years as well as a polisher !!!
  9. Hi just seen your post about polishing (only few years old)!!!! We do everything you said from our workshop in sheffield. Please see our website http://www.sjmetalfinishing.co.uk or email sjfinishing@live.co.uk please see my photos of before and after. If you still interested please email steve
  10. Hahaha Weyyyyy !!!!!! Its for a "Project" !!!!! Just trying to do something for myself just wanting a little bit of help
  11. ermmmm no i can google really i maybe a women but sure i can do that !!!!! i need about 500 metres or more thank you!!!! Thanks smithy where from cheap as poss
  12. Does anyone know why i can get some 0.30mm stainless steel wire????
  13. Thanks the Sheffield Biker Forum is really helpful, thanks for that
  14. Anyone know of any scrap yards in Sheffield where i can get motorbike parts?
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