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  1. So where does she normally get her hair cut then - do you cut it for her?
  2. What a great article that you wrote Tyranna http://www.thestar.co.uk/letters/The-courage-of-Rachel.5663870.jp Yes there is a lot of marginalisation of older gay / TV /TS and it was correct to highlight it - maybe if they had a safe drag haven like the old Matilda re-opened again it would be a great venue for drag performers, TVs, TS, etc without having to venture out to dangerous Attercliffe Yes I like the lions Lair too - it does seem to be marketing itself more as a music/afetr party venue now but it has a lot fo gay staff and is truly gay friendly also ... I do hope it is around for a while before that building gets the chop - especially now since we are one less bar with the demise of Affinity !
  3. I do not go on and on about drag queens - I am merely raising the question why are there no drag bars in Sheffield and by the way this thread which I WAS limiting my comments to about drag has now mysteriously disappeared ! Where am I supposed to talk about drag now - on this thread? She agrees with me, Tyranna, that the Matilda bar re-opened would make a brilliant drag bar - who else thinks this ?
  4. The Sheffield Gay community is always evolving .. but to what ?
  5. Ken is Ace - I have heard his renditions many a time in the Old Crown and elsewhere ;-)
  6. Hi Buffy is it on this weekend on fri and sat eve also?
  7. Does anyone know when the warp films start at Hyde park tonight and is it free ot the public? and where exactly is it?
  8. Does anyone know when the warp films start at Hyde park tonight and is it free ot the public? and where exactly is it?
  9. So its all gone quiet on the rugs front - has she stopped hanging her rugs out on your fence now?
  10. So in other words it will be too quiet tonite :-) Still I might go out ...
  11. Hmmmmm so Im good ot go out tomorrow eve instead then they will be throwing themselves at me ;-)
  12. Now that I know what pubs you are going to I may turn up with said young man dear and you can accompany him to Climax ;-)
  13. Are these Google cars gay friendly and do they have drag queens in them ?
  14. They may be drag rugs and she may be washing them before Climax night ... so if anyone can identify the rug when they see it out in Fushion Foundary tonight, please arrest it for tresspassing ....
  15. Hmmm I wonder how climax went ... no one is telling me anything !
  16. That was before I knew Tyranna was going out? Maybe I'll have a hot date too ;-)
  17. Ooooh Tyranna I might change my mind and go out tonite after all ;-)
  18. OK folks - mystic Carby has looked into her crystal ball and tonight is the very rare conjunction of the Sheffield Derby match, Student Freshers week, Friday Night, Climax Gay Night, Pay day for some on monthly pay, .... and a few other items ... guess what I will be doing? STAYING IN and going out tomorrow night .. anyone willing to lay bets on the amount of crime, assaults, robberies, muggings, maybe even worse tonight in the city centre ... oh is Niche opening at VIBE again too ??
  19. Ok changing the subject from drag bars since there is another thread on this topic and I will respect the mods wishes ... has anyone noticed the preponderance of people on the gay scene, especially younger men, who want to take financial advantage of older gay men on the scene (maybe it happens with women too) and what can be done about this problem (having experienced it myself a lot) ?
  20. But it will have I thought Tia Anna was going? Anyway I may be going with her :-)
  21. Wow why are they washing their rugs once a week what can they be possibly doing on these rugs (mind boggles!)
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