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  1. I had the steak and ale pie a few weeks ago with chips and mushy peas. The pie was superb and they were indeed "proper" chips. Peas were good although I think possibly tinned. It was great though. Yum!
  2. I would highly recommend Ecclesall Road branch. Superb food and service.
  3. Raja's on The Wicker. They do any 3 pizzas for £12. I can recommend the keema achar pizza and the Rajas meat special. Vegetarian also good.
  4. Hi, welcome to the Forum. I totally agree with you. Phil (and Steve) fitted my kitchen (a year ago) from Sheffield Kitchen Outlet - also designed by Dan - and I'm delighted with it. They also fitted flooring for me and fitted wardrobes. I am very happy with everything. I agree with you, it's a pleasure to have them around! :-)
  5. I've been a few times. Lovely food. I tried the Kuba on Friday night (iraqi style pastries filled with spiced meat and deep fried - they were delicious), seabass was good and the lamb kebabs great. Excellent service and very cheap too. The restaurant is a little cold though so wrap up warm! They don't serve alcohol but you can take your own.
  6. You just can't help some people! Jason, I've been low just like you. I took control of my life. I saw my GP and on her advice I took medication and started exercising regularly as this helps depression - and I feel great! I also saw a counsellor which was the best thing I've ever done - but you need to be open to it and I suspect you weren't. You need to help yourself. Be proactive and stop expecting other people to make you happy. It's your life, live it and make the most of it.
  7. I think La Perle (on the Wicker) opens until about 11pm.
  8. Jason. It sounds like you need professional help. See your GP and ask to be referred to a Counsellor. The answer to your problems is not on here. Good luck.
  9. Could anybody recommend a good female optician please? Thank you.
  10. I had lunch here yesterday. I had burger - absolutely gorgeous. Served pink in gorgeous foccacia bread with cheese and superb chips, salad garnish and red onion relish. My partner had rib eye steak and it was cooked beautifully. Great food, great price, and good service. We will definitely go back.
  11. I had a quote from Starlight, amongst others, but ended up using Phil Greenwood to fit the kitchen and got the units from Sheffield Kitchen Outlet (also on Carlisle Street). Better choice, quality, design and value than the others I found. Phil can be contacted on 07729625901. Sheffield Kitchen Outlet also have a website. I'm very happy with my kitchen which was fitted in April this year.
  12. Hi Thomas, I love your enthusiasm. I've joined your FB group. The menu looks good. I live nearby and will be over soon to try your food. I look forward to it. I wish you every success in this venture )
  13. loosehill hall hotel looks good. There's a spa there too. Take a look at the website.
  14. I can recommend Quick Step laminate flooring (they have a website). I've just had it all through the downstairs of my house. Very good quality flooring. I had the perspective 4 which has the 4 grooves. I got it from Topps Tiles on Meadowhall Road. They don't stock it but can get it for you at a very good price and in a couple of days - I phoned round most places in Sheffield and this was the cheapest I could get Quick Step. Speak to Tom, Assitant Manager. As far as fitting is concerned, Phil Greenwood fitted mine 07729625901 and made an excellent job of it.
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