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  1. I became a personal assistant for a gentleman with mental health problems and receive £280.00 per month I have declared this interest with the tax office and they are now asking for my tax form I have put money away towards tax but do not know if this is sufficient and what I can claim against this money i.e petrol for driving this person around, doing his shopping taking him to appointments etc., as well as the cost of car repairs. I work full time also as a mental health worker and am not sure whether my wages will have an impact on the amount I have to pay. I am new to this and would be grateful for any help anyone can give me please.
  2. Thankyou David will try and contact Simon or at the very least Google him.
  3. Tommy Eyre lived in Hackenthorpe Sheffield and died in America, there are loads of stories about his musical carreer from 1964 onwards, but when he was about 15 he had formed a band that won an under 18's competition in Sheffield, does anyone remember the name of the band and who else played in it.
  4. Does anyone remember Harry Stanton. He sold pots in the old Rag and Tag market for Violet Edwards. He would command an audience by juggling pots and hit the damaged ones with a big stick he kept under his arm The Sheffield Star did a two page spread on him. He worked for old Joe Edwards (Violets husband) before he died. There were two Edwards families working the pot stalls both related. When my father Harry Stanton was 14 he would drive over to Staffordshire, where the pots were bought, with old Joe in his lorry and on the way back Joe would stop off at a pub. One night he camed out of the pub that drunk he was incapable of driving the lorry and so my father, age 14, drove it back, but as he turned it into the drive he caught the front wing and when Joe woke up the next morning he leathered my father for damaging it. Happy days eh.
  5. I think that was my father Harry Stanton. He would juggle pots and he did have a large wooden stick. I would go down on Saturday and help wrap the pots up for customers.
  6. Thatman I think was my father Harry Stanton. The Sheffield Star did a full page piece on him at on point.
  7. Does anyone know the whereabouts of George June John or Carol Reaney. The family lived in Hobart Street off Sharrow Lane, Sheffield 11.
  8. I remeber my gran (long since gone) telling me stories about the Sheffield Gangs. She said my granddad who I never met knocked about with the Mooney Gang, his name was Harry Stanton and she said he was a part time musician who played at the local clubs in Tinsley and Attercliffe. My nan said that she found out he had a second family called King, this family apparently lived in the Darnall area of Sheffield, my nan lived in Tinsley. Nan also said that one of the Gangs was also known as the Cellar Grate Gang as people in the area where they hung out were obliged to unfasten the cellar grates so that when the police were chasing gang members they could just pop down one of them. Apparently when Shillito came down from Scotland most of the gang members who were not arrested jumped onboard ships and took off for America. My granddad was not seen again from this time and was eventually 'presumed dead' so that my nan could remarry. I always found this facinating and romantic as a child as there is a film star in America by the name of Harry Dean Stanton and I often wondered if he could be a son of my granddad, as my dad had been called Harry Stanton after my granddad, however whenever I discuss this with my mother who is almost 95 she says it is all nonsense. She acknowledges my granddad was apparently not a very nice person, and he was also brutal to my nan, however she feels the rest of the story is something I made up a a childhood dream.
  9. My sister Joan Stanton attended Parkhouse School, I am 18 months older and so left when it was still Tinsley County School, my name was Sonia Stanton and I have a sister Jose Stanton who is 5 years older than me.
  10. Actually I think some of the siblings moved into the Crookes area or round and about the Crosspool Tavern. I think that was both George and John who moved into that area with their partners.
  11. My name was Anne Williams then and I was 17. I used to go the the chippie on Ecclesall Road lots, there fishcakes were the best but not as good as Norahs on Sharrow Lane. The flats were just being built on Exeter Drive then and everyone was clammoring to get one. How times change and not for the better.
  12. Sandra would be 54 now she lived in Exeter Drive and was involved with national snooker for a time
  13. This family lived just off Sharrow Lane not at Crookes when I knew them
  14. this family lived in hobart street,sheffield 11 in 1964
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