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  1. Yes, we're happy to see new faces so do come along if you're free on Wednesday
  2. I'm halfway through The Accidental and wondering if I picked a book that will just annoy people And to stay in the tradition of people picking a book and then not being there to talk about it, I'm going to have to miss the 18th as I'll be visiting family. I'll see you all in August!
  3. Works for me if we were to go on Monday or Tuesday
  4. Slight correction: it's on at 18.25 tomorrow - see you then!
  5. Do you want to share any of your thoughts here? I thought we had a good discussion about it even though the book didn't really do much for me. As previously agreed, the June book will be The Somnambulist by Essie Fox, and we'll be meeting to talk about it on 20 June. The next book after that will be The Accidental by Ali Smith
  6. I haven't got anything else planned for the week from 28 May yet, so any day should be fine.
  7. Would be fine with me - I've seen the trailer and it looked summery and fun
  8. I'd be happy to read any of those (with slight reservations about the Helen Dunmore book, as I've read some of hers and she's been a bit hit and miss for me). If I had to put them in order, then I'd say The Somnambulist as first preference, then Hunger Games, The Inheritance of Loss, and finally Mourning Ruby.
  9. We picked War Horse by Michael whatshisname, didn't we?
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