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  1. A couple of years ago I had a gorgeous stool made/ carved by a company in Sheffield, I think I got their card from the Kelham Island Christmas fair or somewhere like that. She was based in Sheffield, and the stools were wooden in either oak or a darker wood and baby's name carved on the top and date of birth or other message under the seat. Each one had a spider carved into the leg, I think that she ma de chairs too. Now I want another and can't find the details, can anyone help please?
  2. I always found them to be pretty good value. I'm a little concerned that we now have so many empty units in Broomhill (Crispy Duck Cafe and Help the Aged bookshop both also gone recently.) Why is it that Crookes and Crosspool seem the be able to thrive but Broomhill is getting scruffier and more monopolised by small supermarkets by the day?
  3. Much as the title says really, we pay around £6/hour but have lost two babysitters to university and are too reliant on one at the moment, can anyone recommend someone please? As well as being reliable, trustworthy etc we would prefer someone with their own car so that we're not worrying about getting them home, would probably be 2-3 evenings per month, mostly but not always weekends.
  4. My son is in the smallest bedroom, it is not tiny but has boxed in piping running around the edge taking up valuable space. Currently he is in an Ikea toddler bed that has the legs in a bit from the end so that the end of the bed meets the wall (over the pipe if you see what I mean!). He is rapidly outgrowing this bed and I've been looking at a cabin bed with a bit of storage underneath it, however, they're all flush at the ends so we'd waste a 4" or so space. Can anyone recommend me someone to build in sturdy bedroom furniture please? He has a pine wardrobe and chest of drawers already. TIA
  5. I posted some time ago as I was looking for a badminton group that played during the daytime. I've found one! There is a group every Monday and Wednesday morning at Abbeydale Badminton Club, they play from around 9.30-11.30. It is a mixed group, playing in fours to a social standard. New members are more than welcome, they have made me very welcome these last few weeks. More details on the Abbeydale Badmdinton Club website.
  6. My daughter and I went for a walk through the cemetary then turned left at the bottom to go towards the path down to the stable. Just under the cemetary there is a copse of trees, several of which had a piece of red sticky tape with a number (28-30), and three white triangles with differing circle symbols and a caterpillar through the nail holding it to the tree. We're intrigued to know what these are? My guess is some sort of orienteering or scouts event but why the caterpillar?? TIA
  7. Much as it says really, as Veolia no longer collect (without charge) and the rubbish I have created today would take a lot of chopping to get it into the bags, I am wondering if anyone knows of someone who would come and collect it and take it away for me? I have been pruning today, have enough for maybe a small van, probably not even that, plus maybe half a dozen bags from previously. I am willing to pay obviously, but resent paying £12 to Veolia and having to chop it into tiny pieces to try to stuff it into plastic bags, there are a few branches etc
  8. Didn't see that but in Broomhill at around 6.45 there was just a short bit of rainbow in a cloud that I have never seen before, when I took off my sunglasses it was barely visible but with them on it was really clear but the coloured part was only visible against the small cloud. Weird sky over Broomhill right nowm dark orange clouds, coupled with a strong smell of burning, can't work out whether there's big fire somewhere or its just neighbours barbies gone wrong with an interesting sunset!
  9. About 5 or maybe even 6 years ago, Link magazine in Sheffield published a lovely poem about a father and his childrens shoes, how small they were lined up next to his and I think a reference to him polishing them. It was very touching and I really wish I'd kept it as I cannot find it on the net anywhere! Does anyone remember or know this poem please?
  10. I'd play on a Weds or Thursday morning. Not every week but here and there, I used to be intermediate but have not played for years. I looked a while ago for a daytime club but have not found one.
  11. Hi, I live in the West of the city but can drive, I'm looking for a friendly group to join to play badminton during the day on Wednesdays while my son is at nursery. Does anyone know of one? Ideally I'd like a turn up and play group rather than a league or anything requiring too much commitment or skill!
  12. I had lunch there a couple of weeks ago - it is very Thyme Cafe-like but as I love it there, obviously I loved it here too! Service was impeccable, the food (I had fish pie) was lush and it was reasonable value too - can't wait to go back!
  13. As for the legal position if someone slips on a path you have cleared, I read some weeks ago in the Star I think, that Paul Scriven has declared that the councils insurance would cover this eventuality and you would not be held liable
  14. Just heard it on Radio Sheffield, all bus services suspended for today
  15. We ordered Chateuabriand (£50 for 2 people) rare - it was medium to well done, so it went back, the next one was not only totally uncooked in the middle but tasted off, not one of us could even swallow it, so that had to go back too. My partners dessert was pineapple with coconut ice cream but it came with vanilla - it went back and was duly delivered with the proper one - ordinarily we'd probably have let that go but were losing patience a little by that point, also the trio of choc desserts - one was in a shot glass - looked lovely but not actually possible to eat it with the dessert spoon that was delivered with it!! We could feel the reverberation through the floor and hear the disco from below, there was no music in the part of the restaurant that we were in although apparently there was music in the other side. As I say, a real shame as the look of the restaurant, tables etc were lovely and we had high hopes.
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