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  1. I've just moved in around the corner, so the Hanover pub on Clarke Street is my new local... but I'm a little nervous to go in! Was just wondering if anyone knows what it's like? Is it a bit rough or ok? Can you get a decent pint in there? I'm 27 but still look a bit studenty, and didn't know if I'd get League Of Gentleman style "this is a local pub for local people!" type looks for wandering in! I'm guessing I'm probably better off walking up to the The Harley or West End, or down to the new Wetherspoons, but curious anyway. Ta!
  2. I think the Forum on Division Street have them.
  3. Ditto, I'd like to know if the scouts are having their usual one, and on what night... EDIT: Found the answer to my own question on a different thread! The Chelsea Park one is on Saturday 7th, the fireworks start at 6.45
  4. We did indeed - thanks for bringing them along! I've located the Fish & Chip ones in the newsagents at work, so now here are my conclusive results, in preference order 1) Fish & Chips - lovely, you can taste fish, batter, potato, vinegar and I think a bit of bread and butter... it's like a really good fish cake butty! 1) Builders Breakfast - not as eggy as Charlie Brooker made out, you can taste the bacon, tomato sauce and toast. Joint favourite. 2) Duck & Hoisin - nice enough, but the flavour's a bit too weak. Walkers should have taken more inspiration from the flavours they use in their Sensations crackers. 3) Onion Bhaji - again, inoffensive, but too bland. They just tasted like the Spring Onion flavour ones they used to do, but with the mildest (almost indistinguishable) hint of curry. 4) Chilli & Chocolate - great idea, unfortunately the chocolate doesn't really come through and they taste a bit vinegary! I could pick up a flavour a bit like ketchup! Not nice. 5) Cajun Squirrel - yuk, yuk, yuk, nasty stale spice taste. Repulsive.
  5. Ahh, his full article and review of the flavours is up on the Guardian website now. The man's a genius! I still want to try them all despite his descriptions though! I think that makes me a bit wrong...
  6. I like Charlie Brooker's reviews on his Twitter feed: "Right. Have tasted crisps. Now for 2nd tasting to prove to myself they're as bad as I thought. I will now describe them one by one. 1) Fish & Chips: like kissing someone who's recently guzzled a plate of scampi. Midway through they belch in your mouth. 2) Builder's Breakfast: stale fried egg flavour, basically. Tastes like a kitchen smells five hours after a fry-up. Depressing. 3) Onion Bhaji: the most convincing entry. But it tastes watered-down; like a lame TV movie about onion bhajis broadcast on your tongue. 4) Cajun Squirrel: a tiny cat piping hot farts through a pot-pourri pouch into your mouth. No detectable meat. Maybe just Squirrel Blood? 5) Crispy Duck: inoffensive, but not great. Like roast chicken crisps, assuming the chicken had been killed with a sugar hammer. Bit parsnippy. 6) Chilli & Choc: s**t & battery acid, more like. A boring lunatic with halitosis explains the smell of charred wood to your tastebuds."
  7. I've only just seen this thread and thought I should respond. It's true that Gig Goers has been a bit indie centric, but that's for several simple reasons, rather than me having anything against the metal scene. 1) I'm an indie/electro girl at heart, so I can only really cover what I know about. I hadn't heard of any of those promoters (except Uneven Blonde) until I read your post. 2) I don't actually keep the list of promoters and venues up to date anymore because it was just getting too long what with the burgeoning scene in Sheffield, and I only do Gig Goers as a hobby aside from my two (!) full time jobs 3) When I did keep it up to date it was for venues'/promoters' Facebook pages - if they didn't have one, they couldn't really be on the list. At the time many people didn't have a group or fan page, although I thought I did list a promoter at Red House and that Boardwalk was listed. 4) I mainly used to put promoters/venues on the list when they approached me, I can't help it if no-one from the metal side of things approached me. Also, the giveaways have all been due to the kindness of venues and promoters offering me tickets to giveaway in order to encourage community. I don't like to hassle people for freebies. So again, unless Corp, Boardwalk, and the promoters you mention me come to me saying they want to join in, they won't be included. 5) I have done a couple of giveaways to metal type gigs, but sadly they generally have had very few entrants, if any at all. I admit that this situation isn't ideal, I want to be inclusive to all genres - but Gig Goers is supposed to be a community, so I am relying on those with the expertise in other genres to help me out. Your last post was in April and you said you were too busy then, if you're not so busy now, then get in touch and we can try to broaden things a bit in 2009! x
  8. I last went a few months ago and that was only the second time, but I really enjoyed it on both occasions and thought it was good value for money.
  9. Morning: bottle of diet Coke, cup of tea, two Thorntons chocolates Lunch: tin of Spring Vegetable soup, banana, apple Afternoon: nectarine, banana custard yogurt
  10. Wow, this sounds awesome! I wish my days were more like this!
  11. Saturday Lunch: spaghetti with aubergine sauce, lots of water Afternoon: half a roast beef sandwich, bottle of diet Coke Tea: pizza (half spicy peperoni, half goats cheese) Evening: 2.5 bottles of wine (red *and* white ), tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa, bottle of diet Coke, lots of orange squash Sunday: Morning: lots of orange squash, half a roast beef sandwich Lunch: chicken, mushroom and tarragon pie (mmmmm, thanks Rob!), mash, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, baby sweetcorn, onion gravy, glass of Fanta (thanks Robbie!), slice of apple and blackberry cake with Haagen Daz ice-cream (thanks Lee!), cup of tea Tea: spinach and pine nut pasta Evening: 3 glasses of diet Coke, packet of Walkers Baked with some guacamole and salsa
  12. Oh oh, and... Bryan Adams - Summer of '69 I had my first real sex dream Bought it at the firing line Played 'til my fingers bled It was summer of '69
  13. Ah, I thought it was: Any are you ok, are you ok, are you ok any?
  14. Oh! I'm terrible for mondegreens (the technical name for these mishearings!) Here are some of my classics (there are LOADS of others but I can't remember them): Idlewild - Annihilate Now And now you're late now and now you're late now... (despite the clue being in the title) Idlewild - Self Healer: When it feels like When it feels like It all gets too much for me I gotta go outside Singing songs chihuahua bites The Stranglers - Golden Brown Golden brown texture like sun Lays me down with my mancherons I was actually surprised to learn that "mancherons" was a word and not just gobbledegook... apparently it means an ornamental trimming on the top part of a sleeve, so there!
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