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  1. You aren't going to get very far with the Ombudsman I'm afraid. The simple fact is that proximity to a water course, large or small puts your home at risk of flooding (at least as far as they're concerned) and the insurance company is within its rights to refuse to insure you. I had a similar problem at a previous property where, despite a previous owner building quite adequate defences and the stream being little more than a trickle I couldn't get a standard policy. I eventually ended up with a custom policy which didn't cover me for flooding. Alternatively, try these but I suspect they may be expensive. http://www.highworthinsurance.co.uk/insurance-products/non-standard-home-insurance/flood-risk-home-insurance/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=flood+insurance&utm_campaign=search+-+generics+-+flood+-+e
  2. The lowest Sheffield scorers on the Food Standards Agency food hygiene ratings. :Drum Roll: http://ratings.food.gov.uk/enhanced-search/en-GB/%5E/sheffield/alpha/1/%5E/Equal0/1/1/10
  3. "We" don't all make 14 posts a day on the forum and "we" haven't come across the topic previously. Sorry if this is old hat for you but no-one forced you to comment on here. Perhaps you should just limit yourself to threads on topics you haven't "done" before and let others have a say. Your comment contributed nothing.
  4. By that logic no one should ever say anything to anyone about anything just in case they offend them in some way. A highly ridiculous post.
  5. So, everything's dangerous and no-one should do anything....ok thanks. Phew, there was me all set for having an interesting and fulfilling life, utilising an intelligent approach to risk to allow a touch of excitement before I shuffle off this mortal coil. Luckily you came along and warned me about....rope and.....cold and errrrm, depth and stuff. I shall stay at home now and knit and hopefully never meet any of the evils you mention. Oh, actually, I've just noticed my knitting needles are pointed and represent a hazard so I've limited myself to jigsaws and the odd (safe) crossword, written in crayon in case I fall and sever an artery on my crazily sharp Bic biro. Thanks again safety guru. You're my hero!
  6. I don't ever remember seeing curtains closed as a consequence of a death and I think the custom may well have passed but I do remember vividly trying to be a big tough 17 year old and trying very hard not cry at my mum's funeral. When the cortège passed some roadworks at the end of Abbey Lane on the way to the crematorium a group of road workers removed their hard hats and bowed their heads. This set me off and I cried like a baby. Complete strangers were showing my mum respect and it really brought the moment home and snapped me out of my enforced reverie. This made a lasting impression on me and I always bow my head at the passing of a funeral procession and give a little thank you to those fellas for teaching me a lesson in how to show reverence.
  7. Responses plural? Which one did you analyse? Can you tell us which one "it" is? The irony of you criticising my comprehension of English is very sweet. You can have the last word now. I'm done laughing at you.
  8. Aw, bless you. thanks for your concern. Unfortunately, it was your poorly worded and badly constructed posts that caused the confusion in the first place. Now you've had a moment of clarity and actually said what you meant instead of rambling on I can get back to normality. I was starting to feel like a special needs teacher there for a moment. I have to admit, all your hissing and spitting was a bit off-putting but hey, good for you, you got there in the end.
  9. The anecdote had just the right amount of information required to get the point across. What else did you need? A full statistical breakdown of friendships formed, including times and dates? When did I say I was upset? Confused about your ramblings, yes. Suspicious that you're not as dim or unable to assimilate information as your posts would suggest, maybe. Upset, definitely not. As for my mental health....really?
  10. While were all having a "guess". I'm guessing you're trying to get a rise out of me. It isn't going to work. Troll fail.
  11. You might have a degree and a career but you don't read very well do you? I never mentioned missing the first week of GCSEs (It was O levels back then) I didn't actually mention what point during the year I missed. Where did you get that from? As for the experience of my friend, I can only relate the story she told me but like you say, you can't really comment. I will say that from my own experience it was a school trip to Germany in my 3rd year that formed the basis for many new friendships. Going to the same school (1800+ pupils) is no guarantee of prior social interaction. Please feel free to actually add to the discussion rather than dissecting the posts of others. It gives your posts a distinctly troll-like appearance.
  12. As a kid I was taken out of school for a holiday and missed the start of my maths teacher covering calculus and my physics teacher covering boolean logic. I've since got to grips with it (I'm a research physicist ) but I felt this had a very detrimental effect on my education and confidence and it seemed a very long time (well into my A levels and in some respects even later) before I felt I'd caught up. I know of similar stories with friends and colleagues. It's not even just academia that can suffer. A friend missed an end of year disco that ended up being the place where a great many new friendships were formed and felt this affected her for the rest of her time at school. She never really felt fully included. Taking a child out of school for a holiday is a selfish exercise and the effects can be enormous.
  13. My pleasure. I've been told it's possible to see the different modules/solar panels through binoculars but I don't have a tripod at the moment and my alcohol intake has obviously affected my ability to hold things steady:P If anyone has any success with this, please post some info.. Thanks
  14. The International Space Station will be visible very clearly over the coming month. Dates, times and directions etc are available here: http://www.meteorwatch.org/iss-international-space-station-uk-passes-june-2013/
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