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  1. Wish it was a Galaxy4 i had mine stolen from a taxi :-( xxx
  2. I will bring it down tmw, its frozen, do you want me to start defrosting it or can you defrost it once you have got it .............. so between 10.30 - 1.00pm tmw will that be ok ? xxx
  3. How do we get them to you? I have a gammon joint i would donate, i got it as part of a food parcel but i dont like gammon xxx
  4. I feel sorry for the deaf people of this country, its really difficult to get a BSL (british sign language) translator when they need one
  5. Anyone doing s12 area, looking for a good trim and a fringe cut in xxx
  6. hahah i was waiting for that one as soon as i typed it xxx
  7. thanks ever so much where would i catch the 53 bus xxx
  8. Could any of you lovely people tell me how to get there via bus or tram from the town centre. I have tried looking at the map but im useless and cant work out where I am supposed to be. Will love you forever xxx
  9. Awwwww your daughter is beautiful, my son has had a few operations, i find it hard to stay in hospital its frustrating knowing he is only a few yards away and you cant get near him until they say so, i now find it easier to go for walks outside of the hospital, they give you a pager thing that buzzes you when they come out of theatre so you can be with her when she is coming round, .......... she's lucky to have a lovely mum and dad like you, wishing you all the best, stay strong xxx
  10. Looks lovely on the street maps, even got someone sat in their garden
  11. Bullseye Travel, call Lee on 07733323867 i always use him and he is fab, its about £120 return xxx
  12. Eh? there was a varied age of children at my sons party, from babies to 12 year olds, i had 30 kids here when Keith come, age didnt come into it when i booked the party ???
  13. Hiya i used Keith for my sons 8th he is absoultely fantastic he held the show well for two hours and all the kids were spellbound with him, he was that good that 3 mothers booked him for their own kids birthday party after they had seen him at mine xxx
  14. Another wee update! Plan was, nugget was having the bottom bunk, my son the top bunk and i got the lovely big bed to myself. FINALLY !!! Oh bliss it all worked out ................ got into bed with my maggiezines, had a wee read, turned lights off, fell asleep. Woke up this morning ............. son and nugget both in my bed :hihi:
  15. Have mailed you back and attached some photo's already as i havent got a clue how to do it. Echoing your sentiments, thanks Rain and Jennifer, and also a million thanks to you too for taking me to see him and bringing him home xxx
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