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  1. Halfords in Hillsborough did mine for me, would deffo recommend them.
  2. Try googling the telephone number (unless it is a mobile number)
  3. Why name and shame?? Don't give these type of ppl the time of day, simples
  4. What makes you think that if you are methadone you cannot hold down a job and have an otherwise normal life? I have family who have and are doing just that!
  5. Smart <removed> No I'd just like my neighbours to park consideratly and not all over the pavement - not hard really
  6. Looking for some inspiration... My son turns 8 this month and I would like to do something other than the usual play centre party but also something that is not too much fuss to arrange and has food and party bags and all the usual jazz included. I love the idea of a nerf party but cannot find anything like that in Sheff??
  7. Wish they would come on our road in Walkley - it would be like Christmas day for them
  8. I need a new tyre to get my car through the MOT but I don't have the locking wheel nut key. I have rang Lookers who have quoted me £95 to remove the tyres and then I can replace with a normal nut. I'm not tight but £95 seems steep just to remove some tyres - do I have any other options? I have seen some keys on ebay but not convinced that they would work. Thanks in advance.
  9. I could hear it for hours last night from about half six till i went to be about half ten
  10. Saw one near Drakehouse the other day STON 3D - now if ever a reg was going to get you pulled by the police???
  11. A life for a life...... in cases where guilt can be proven 100% then bring back capital punishment
  12. Something to do with sand from the Sahara... ---------- Post added 16-10-2017 at 17:17 ---------- http://news.sky.com/story/why-did-storm-ophelia-turn-the-sun-red-11083784
  13. There is also a nice one on Crookes and one in Hills that may both be a little cheaper than Beanies
  14. If you work, don't claim benefits and don't have 10 kids you haven't got a chance! They are better off going the private rent route
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