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  1. my o/h was bullied at work, supervisor and assitant manager saw it all, but didnt do anything even after he asked them to help, manager sat on his arse all night couldnt give a s***, had to go to the boss's boss who had a word with the manager and person involved, person smiled at him and said thanks, then most of other workers turned against him for grassing(some were so called mates). eventaully had to go off with stress and depression, it carried on though so he changed shifts, had to leave though through illness. but none of them helped company couldnt have cared less.
  2. thanks for the replies,wasnt sure but now i am. although it wasnt me who was having the fire during the day it was my neighbours, we'v alway been led to believe you wait til night time,i wont worry about that though next time.
  3. can anyone tell me about having a fire in your garden, is it illegal or just inconsideratre, i always thought you couldnt have a fire until after 6-7 in evening.
  4. the dog id seen was from rain rescue sheffield a gs 18 mts old,love at fisrt sight but was told she'd gone already, going to make an app to go and look there, after looking on here and reading about getting a dog, adopting is def somthing i would like to do.
  5. hi, after much thought we have decided to get a dog, really would like a german shepard. wanting to ask any advice about them and whether we should go for a pup or a slightly older dog. considering adopting an 1-2 year old is that a good idea
  6. i live round shirecliffe and friday nite about 1.30ish heard shouting and argueing, then im sure i heard an unmrked police car screech up jump out and shout armed police,took someone away. didnt stop the bloody noise though.its getting worse round here lately. police must know though cos iv never seen as many police cars round here.
  7. my sister used to work there in 82-83 ish, lesley dyson and here mate christine moore.
  8. i also remember shortly before we left i think, that the whole school went on a trip to lightwater valley theme park.cant remember why all the school went. all the school also got a cup (i think) to celebrate something to do with the queen, iv still got my cup.
  9. ha ha ha love it......unfortunatly love you couldnt even give him away..
  10. hi i went to shirecliffe about86-90ish, i remember mr moore was head teacher and mr dagnell deputy head, mr moore was lovely to me, used to go and sit in his office everyday and chat. mr dagnell scared me.
  11. i think you'l find that if you read that again, no where in that sentance did i blame the tram, was told that it might be a tram, which is why i came on here and asked if anyone knew anything.isnt that what this forum is all about.
  12. just heard,not positive but was told its 2 boys and 2 girls from winn garden, got em out of turned car and on way to hos, apparently stable at moment,hope there ok.
  13. anyone know where abouts on middlewood rd or what type of car was involved
  14. hi, just come from morrison and there police and fire engines and ambulance all over, told someone got hit by tram on middlewood rd, just wondering if anyone else had heard owt.
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