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  1. the strikes are to keep guards on the trains,females travelling alone will certainly miss them but this corrupt goverment dont give a t*ss as long as they are making money for their rich friends.the ticket prices went up today more profit for their rich friends. just because you feed the crocodile doesnt mean you wont be eaten.. just means it'll eat you last .!!
  2. what have you done to sheffield forum it was ok as it was i have to put sunglasses on to read the posts now !
  3. where's the drop down box gone in the for sale section,the one where you could look for sports items or electrical items ?...surely i dont have to scroll through umpteen threads with users flogging tellies and sheds to find an item i'm looking for ? iv'e tried using the search box my heads hurting !!
  4. i think radio sheffield should give toby a late night phone in/discussion show like james whale used to have on radio aire in the early to mid eighties.he's a very good presenter he knows how to get the best from his listeners.
  5. what is the carboot like at oldcoates, is it a good carboot as i have never been . thanks
  6. i re set it the other day with the help of the forum members and it came back on but never tried it out ,no gsp satalite signals found and now won't accept the card just flashes a big red X any hope or is it a new sat nav, thanks
  7. thanks you are all life savers tried the rest button and it works ,thanks again to all of you for the advice
  8. thanks for the help i will try all of those and let you know
  9. can anyone help ,i was using my dad's tomtom, turned it off (was working when turned off) then when i came to use it again the green light on the top came on but not the screen, so i thought i would put it on charge (think i left it on too long) as now the green light won't even come on ,would be greatful if anyone can help or know where i can get it fixed cheap before dad wants to use it again,thanks .
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