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  1. I saw the weeds being cleared this week. Does anybody have any news on the plot development?
  2. A couple of years later, after much hassle and numerous visits by Yorkshire Water, one guy said he would have a listen to the pipes to each house up the hill. 2 minutes and 2 houses later he found a leak turned off the water and the 'natural spring' on my property stopped.
  3. Some useful posts guys thanks a lot. I'm not sure what to do next. I have had a sample of the 'spring' water and a sample of my tap water analysed and they came out very similar. I was thinking of getting a 'known' spring or water source in the area done, as a comparison.
  4. Duplicate thread. See thread in Sheffield Discussions
  5. Sometime early last year a 'spring' (according to Yorks Water) appeared in my garden. It is putting out just over 2 litres of water per minute. The result is, the garden has become waterlogged and has sunk and slumped and is pushing over a retaining wall. Yorks water did tests and say it is a natural spring and/or due to a rising water table? (Hmm..) It is constant and does not vary with the season or rainfall. I would like to have some tests done and I need some spring water samples from the area for comparison. Preferably a known natural spring or water source with variable flow. Anyone know of any, in the area of Mona Road, Mona Ave, Melbourn Road, Townend Street, Leamington Street, Moor End Road, Hands Road, Springvale Road. Please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. A ready made social night if you fancy it. Fri 10th Feb. Barn/Ceilidh Dance 8.30pm til midnight £4. Dances including: Square dance, circle dance, circle waltz, partner swapping Music: reels, jigs, polkas, hornpipes. If you've never been, see video: Anyone welcome. No partner needed. All dances have full instruction. No experience needed. LIVE band. There is a BAR!! (including some hand pulled beers) Location: The Edge, Endcliffe Student Village, Endcliffe Crescent. (easy access from Broomhill or Botanical Gardens) Just ask for the bar. The dance is in the next room. Number 10 on the map http://www.shef.ac.uk/polopoly_fs/1....entralWest.gif
  7. Hi Neil, Thank you for your reply. I notice someone else has had similar problems on previous occasions. I'm happy to hear that you are 'constantly reviewing' the telephone system. Although in itself 'constantly reviewing' doesn't alter anything. I look forward to the 'constant reviewing' leading to some changes, e.g. more staff at busy times. Best wishes Trevdiet ps. I will be 'Constantly reviewing' this thread.
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